To commemorate the 225th anniversary of the great Russian poet Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin, artist Anna Burkovskaya created a vibrant and impressive mural on the facade of the Russian House in Brussels. Anna decided to embody symbols of Russian culture and history in the mural. At the center of the composition is Pushkin himself, whose work is an integral part of world literature. Next to the poet in the mural are the majestic St. Isaac’s Cathedral and the colorful St. Basil’s Cathedral. These architectural masterpieces symbolize the cities where Pushkin was born and lived—Moscow and St. Petersburg, respectively.

The process of creating the mural was not only meticulous but also very inspiring. Anna strived to convey the depth and grandeur of the depicted objects. However, at a certain point, young guests of the Russian House joined the process.

The children who attend events at the Russian House enthusiastically participated in completing the mural. Under Anna’s guidance, they helped finish some elements, adding their touches to the overall work. This joint creative process became an important part of the project, bringing together generations and cultures.

When the work was completed, the facade of the Russian House was transformed into a bright and eye-catching art object.