This happened not too long ago. We decided to come up with something original for Easter: something fun for the children and unusual, but without magic.

“How about I teach the children to decorate eggs with napkins?” suggested Irina Panteleeva. The children know and love her well.

“Let’s give it a try!”

We posted an announcement, and then it all began… Unfortunately, our capabilities are limited, and we couldn’t accommodate everyone who wanted to join.

Everyone who signed up came. Adults also decided to participate in this exciting activity.

First, we handed out napkins. They were different and for every taste. Then each participant got two boiled eggs. We placed several bowls with egg whites, which served as glue. Scissors. And the work began in earnest…

Little fingers carefully smoothed out the picture they had chosen and cut out, placed it on the shell, and then brushed it with egg white. The picture didn’t always want to lie “still.” Sometimes it wrinkled, curled, or slipped, but the little decorators would put it back and make it stay.

“I love circles,” said one girl.

“And I like flowers,” replied her neighbor.

“I like leaves,” a little boy joined the conversation.

His neighbor said nothing, just sniffled and continued working silently, not allowing even his dad to help.

They didn’t want to leave, as usual. They had already become friends during our workshops. After working together, they wanted to play together.

Come again! It’s always interesting and fun with us!