On June 8, a solo concert by the young talented pianist Alexandra Long took place in the concert hall of the Russian House.

The girl has been in love with music since childhood. As an infant, she loved to play with bells. There were seven of them, and each had a different sound. By eight months old, she could unmistakably recognize which bell was ringing. At the age of four, Sasha began to try her hand at the piano, and her mother had no choice but to invite a teacher for her.

In addition to music, Alexandra loved poetry from a very young age and could recite poems by various and seemingly not “childish” poets by heart. Alexandra also adores Russian folk songs and happily sings many of them, knowing them by heart.

Yes, yes, Sasha not only played the piano but also recited her favorite poems. Each of her performances was called a “musical-poetic composition.” The numbers were announced by Yann Feitz and Ksenia Popova, who also did an excellent job.

But let’s get back to the concert. The hall was filled with the magic of music. The young pianist Alexandra captivated the hearts of the audience with her stunning performance. Her virtuoso piano playing was a true celebration for all present. Each chord, each measure was filled with deep emotion and subtle skill that not every adult musician can manage. Her fingers flew over the keys, creating melodies that took your breath away and immersed you in a world of sounds. The hall would fall silent, immersed in tender sounds, only to burst into applause after the virtuoso passages.

Her teacher, Marina Rebezova, sat in the last row and… it seemed she was playing along with Sasha: the teacher’s fingers moved over the imaginary keys.

The melodies were interspersed with poetic lines of Russian poets. In the background, French-speaking spectators could read these lines in a translation made by Sasha’s father. He honestly admitted that it was only his version of the translation made by AI.

This concert was a true revelation and a reminder of how powerful and expressive art can be.

Listen to what Sasha herself has to say: