In April of this year, our movie club screened a Russian adventure fantasy based on the world-famous fairy tale by Pyotr Yershov, “The Humpbacked Horse.”

Screenwriter Alexey Borodachev, in collaboration with director Oleg Pogodin, aimed to convey the magical world of Pyotr Yershov, skillfully weaving contemporary Russian modernism into the plot. It must be said that they succeeded, as the film became one of the top-grossing movies.

Of course, the success would not have been possible without the performances of actors such as Anton Shagin and Paulina Andreeva.

The old man had three sons:

The eldest was a smart lad,

The middle son was so-so,

The youngest was a complete fool.

The youngest brother would have remained a “fool” if it weren’t for the appearance of a true friend and loyal advisor, a small, ugly little horse, the Humpbacked Horse. The friends have to go through many trials, test their friendship, and even risk their lives for each other before they reach the happy ending… of the movie. And a fairy tale can have no other ending.

Our little viewers and their parents loved the fairy tale. “Will there be more? When will it be? What will it be?” they asked as they were leaving.

Very soon, a screening of a new adventure film – a fairy tale based on another well-known and beloved childhood story, “By the Pike’s Wish,” will take place on our screen. Registration is already open. Just “click” here.