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On June 8th, the Russian House hosted a quest based on Pushkin’s fairy tales. It was assumed that the little ones would rely on the help of their parents. But older children decided that they could help their younger friends on their own.

The questions were very difficult. The answers were hidden in nuts, at the bottom of an artificial lake, in secret writings. But this did not deter our young fairy tale experts. They completed the tasks with honor. And you? Are you ready to find the answers to the questions?

Ready? Then let’s go.

Question: from which fairy tale is this poem?

“Hello, fair maiden,”

He says, “become a queen

And bear a hero son

By the end of September.

And you, dear sisters,

Leave the chamber,

Travel with me,

With me and with your sister:

One of you be a weaver,

And the other a cook.”

Questions about A.S. Pushkin’s fairy tale “The Tale of Tsar Saltan”

1. Why did Tsar Saltan decide to marry one of the three sisters? 

2. Who is Guidon, and how did he end up on the island of Buyan? 

3. What wonders occurred on the island of Buyan when Guidon lived there? 

Question: from which fairy tale is this poem?

Midday was approaching,

There was a clatter in the yard:

Seven knights enter,

Seven rosy-cheeked mustachioed men.

The eldest spoke: ‘What a wonder!

Everything is so clean and beautiful.

Someone tidied up the tower

And awaited the hosts.”

Questions about A.S. Pushkin’s fairy tale “The Tale of the Dead Princess and the Seven Knights”

1. What magical object was beloved by the queen and what could it do? 

2. Who was the “intended” and what was the name of the princess’s intended? 

3. Who poisoned the princess and with what? 

Question: from which fairy tale is this poem?

— Tsar! — replied the sage, —

Let us finally settle our account.

Remember? For my service

You promised me, as a friend,

To fulfill my first wish

As your own.

Give me the maiden,

The queen of Shamakhan. —

The tsar was extremely astonished.

Questions about A.S. Pushkin’s fairy tale “The Golden Cockerel”

1. Why could Tsar Dadon never find peace?  

2. How did the cockerel announce danger?  

3. How did the cockerel repay the king for his betrayal?  

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