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Dear friends, on July 25th, the Soviet and Russian writer, director, actor, screenwriter, and incredibly talented individual Vasily Makarovich Shukshin would have turned 95 years old.

Vasily Shukshin was born and raised in Siberia. He absorbed the spirit of this land with his mother’s milk. All his works, whether short stories or large novels, are permeated with love for his homeland. In his creative work, he vividly and colorfully portrayed the image of a rural dweller, sometimes illiterate, naive, and believing in a bright future, so different from the urban dweller, and conveyed his colorful language with great accuracy describing his everyday life.

The V.M. Shukshin House-Museum (in the village of Srostki, Altai Krai) invites you to try to find answers to the following questions.

We invite you to our final literary salon of this season, where we will discuss your answers and talk about the creativity of Vasily Shukshin.

You can find Vasily Shukshin’s books in our library.

Event language: Russian.

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