On June 8, a children’s party was held at the Russian House. The little ones came to their first fun lesson. The teacher was not strict at all but very cheerful, Catherine.

Katya held classes for the little ones who do not know how to read yet. They were in for an exciting introduction to the letters. Catherine had prepared many interesting games to attract the attention of the young students.

– Kids, today we will become friends with the letters! – Katya announced with a smile.

The children looked at the bright pictures with interest, repeated the sounds after the teacher, and participated in fun games. An atmosphere of joy and curiosity reigned in the classroom.

When the first lesson was over, Catherine was waiting for the arrival of the next group – children who already know how to read and are learning to write. But suddenly, she noticed that the little ones from the first group were not in a hurry to leave.

– Can we stay? We also want to learn to write! – one of them asked enthusiastically. Another girl declared categorically to her mother, who came to pick her up: “I like it here. I want to learn! I already know how to read the letter A!”

Katya was pleasantly surprised. She decided not to disappoint the young students and invited them to stay.

– Of course, stay! – she replied. – Today we will write our first letters.

During the second lesson, the children wrote their first characters on paper with great interest, made them from stickers, searched for them on nuts, and caught them in a pool. Catherine continued the lesson in a playful way to maintain their interest and enthusiasm. They competed to see who could write the letter faster or who could come up with a word starting with the given letter.

– Look, I did it! – one of the boys exclaimed joyfully, showing a sheet with neat letters.

– And I am trying my best! – his neighbor replied, carefully sticking the stickers.

The children were delighted. After the lesson, they surrounded Catherine and with smiles on their faces declared:

– We really like this school! We want to come every day!

Katya smiled in response, understanding that her efforts were not in vain. The lessons were successful, and she was happy to see the little ones learning and developing with pleasure.

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