On 28 June the Law Institute of Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN) together with the Russian Centre for Science and Culture (Russian House) in Brussels held an online videoconference with the presentation of educational programmes and admission rules.

The speakers at the meeting were:

  1. Dr Freddy Agonoud, Associate Professor of the Department of Public Policy and History of State and Law at the RUDN Law Institute. 2.
  2. Tatiana Hachimi, Belgian journalist, PhD student of the Department of Public Policy and History of State and Law of the RUDN Law Institute. 3.
  3. Asiyat Ibragimova, specialist in international activities at RUDN Law Institute.

The participants of the event could:

– Learn about the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programmes of RUDN Law Institute.

– Ask questions to the representatives of the Law Institute.

– Familiarise themselves with the advantages of studying at RUDN .

– To get information about the rules of admission and study conditions.

Question: Are RUDN diplomas recognised in the European Union countries?

Answer: Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN ) diplomas are recognised in the European Union countries, but the recognition procedure may vary depending on the country and specific field of study. Usually, to be recognised in the EU it is necessary to undergo the nostrification procedure.

Question: How many Europeans are studying at the law school?

Answer: There are students from France (2), Belgium (1), Greece (1), Sweden (1) and other countries studying at the Law Institute.

Question: Can foreign students work in Russia after graduation?

Answer: Russia has a programme “Jobs for Qualified Foreign Specialists” which allows foreign students to work in Russian companies.


Marina Alekseevna Aksenova

Deputy Director for International Activities and Public Relations

Email: axenova-mra@rudn.ru

Phone: +7 968 534 29 88

Ibragimova Asiyat

International Activities Specialist

E-mail: ibragimova-ae@rudn.ru

Telephone: +7 996 328 22 3