On May 22, the Russian House in Brussels became the center of the celebration of Slavic Writing and Culture Day, presenting guests with a unique program called “The Songs of the Spring Calendar” performed by the Folk Music Ensemble “Zolotoj plyos”. The event gathered numerous spectators eager to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of Slavic traditions and cultural heritage.

The evening’s program began with traditional spring period songs, covering the time span from Maslenitsa to Egorya. The sounds of ancient melodies and the vocal talents of the Folk Music Ensemble “Zolotoj plyos” ensemble members immersed the listeners in the magic of spring rituals and holidays. Each performance was accompanied by brief stories about the origins and significance of the songs, adding depth and understanding to the cultural context.

A particularly memorable moment was the performance of a fragment from the Orthodox Easter liturgy. The pure and powerful voices of the ensemble members, combined with solemn church melodies, created an atmosphere of exaltation and spiritual unity. This musical excerpt became the culmination of the concert, evoking genuine admiration and applause from the audience.

Equally interesting were the instrumental pieces performed on authentic musical instruments. The musicians of “Zolotoj plyos” demonstrated virtuoso mastery of gusli, balalaikas, and other folk instruments, adding variety and spectacle to the program. The ensemble’s own arrangements gave traditional melodies a new sound while preserving their historical authenticity.

After the concert, guests were invited to the vernissage of the art exhibition “Slavic Kaleidoscope,” organized by our compatriots. The exhibition included both photographs and paintings reflecting the richness and diversity of Slavic culture. The artists’ works impressed with their sincerity and skill, conveying the beauty and soul of native traditions.

Particularly noteworthy were the photographs capturing moments from the life of Slavic villages and towns. Each snapshot told its own story, filling the hearts of guests with warmth and nostalgia. The paintings delighted the eye with bright colors and fine details, inviting viewers into the world of tales and legends.

The event dedicated to Slavic Writing and Culture Day at the Russian House in Brussels was a great success, uniting people of different generations in their love for Slavic music and art. The concert by the “Golden Plyos” folk ensemble and the art exhibition vernissage gave everyone present unforgettable impressions and a sense of pride in our cultural heritage.

This evening served as an important reminder of how crucial it is to preserve and pass on traditions to our children and grandchildren, for it is in them that our history and identity lie. The Russian House in Brussels once again proved its role in the city’s cultural life, providing a venue for an encounter with native culture and art.

The art exhibition of our compatriots “Slavic Kaleidoscope” will continue until June 24, 2024.