À l’occasion du 80e anniversaire de la levée complète du blocus de Leningrad

Vidéo de la visite :

On February 1, 2024 on the virtual platform of the Russian House in Brussels the Victory Museum became a participant of the project “Museum Day”. In the framework of commemorative events, dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the complete ending of the siege of Leningrad, the main Russian military-historical museum gave conduct an online tour of the “Salute of Victory” exhibition and present expositions dedicated to the siege of Leningrad. The online audience saw a diorama of the museum, where on a painted canvas, a generalized image of the unconquered city of Leningrad is created, which due to the resilience and heroism of its citizens and defenders, coped to endure 900 days of the exhausting siege.

Internet users also presented to a new multimedia exhibition “Leningrad liberation salute”, which tells a multifaceted and honest story of the courage, extraordinary willpower, and perseverance of the residents of the northern capital, who not only endured all the hardships of life in the besieged city, but also with their hard work and bravery did everything to save their beloved Leningrad.

The exhibition includes over 100 digitized materials from Victory Museum’s collections—photographs, documents, maps, newspapers, posters, and artistic works capturing scenes from the life of the blockaded city. The materials cover events from the beginning of the city’s defense in July 1941 to the celebratory salute in honor of the complete lifting of the blockade on January 27, 1944