The project brings together professionals and amateurs of photography and is held annually.

The purpose of the photo contest is to harmonize interethnic relations and the ethno-cultural development of the peoples of Russia by drawing the attention of citizens to the origins and traditions of Russian culture.

The organizer of the photo competition is the Federal Agency for Ethnic Affairs (FADN of Russia).

Both professional photographers and amateurs aged 18 and over, regardless of gender, place of residence and occupation, can submit their works to the competition.

The competition is held in the following nominations:

Unique nature. Landscape photographs showing the unique views, the beauty of Russian nature, nooks unknown to travelers, the wild nature of Russia (forests, rivers, lakes, mountains, meadows, etc.). The photographs can be captured including animals, birds.

Faces and Generations. Photographs of a portrait plan (single, paired or group photographs of people), conveying the national flavor (externally) and revealing the Russian character, originality and mystery of the human soul.

Traditions of a big country. Works of this category (reportage photographs), revealing the multinationality and originality of the peoples of Russia, who have not lost their heritage in the age of information and modern technologies: traditions, customs and centuries-old connection between generations (national holidays, weddings, ancient rituals).

Architecture and sculpture. Photos that demonstrate the uniqueness of both art monuments that contain many folk traditions and tell about the birth of Russian architecture, and modern architectural structures that recreate elements of Old Russian culture and reflect national characteristics (unique buildings, sculptures, wall paintings, carved palisades, etc.) …

Spiritual braces. Photos of both a portrait plan (single, pair or group photographs of people) and landscapes that reveal the spirituality of Russian civilization, its originality and its civilizational path (author’s photo, photographs of holy places and religious objects).

Family values. Photos (single, paired or group photographs of people) that convey the national flavor of the families of the peoples of Russia and reveal their traditions, rituals and values.

Multinational Moscow. Photos showing Moscow as a city where people of different nationalities live, work and rest. The photographic works should reflect the peculiarities of the capital of Russia, which has become home to representatives of hundreds of different peoples. The unique atmosphere of the capital is enriched by the interpenetration of different cultures. Moscow is a place where East and West, North and South meet. The competition photographs can vividly and unexpectedly show the image of Moscow as the center of multinational Russia.

Each participant can submit from 1 to 5 photos in each of 7 nominations (in total, no more than 35 images can be posted by one person ). Works created not earlier than 2018 are allowed to take part in the photo competition .

The winners in each category will receive valuable prizes and gifts.

Photos for participation in the competition must be uploaded to the Photo Contest website in JPEG format, size from 2000 pixels on the long side, resolution from 150 dpi, the maximum size of each file must be at least 500 kb and no more than 10 Mb., Contain a clearly visible image without technological defects (insufficient illumination, lack of focus / blur, etc.).

The winners of the Photo Contest are selected by a professional jury. In each nomination, competitive works are determined that have received the highest number of points, depending on which the first 3 (three) places in each nomination are determined, as well as the Grand Prix of the Photo Contest.

In addition to the winners, in the opinion of the professional jury, the winners in the additional nomination “People’s Choice Award” are also determined based on the votes of the visitors of the Photo Contest website.