Gratis deelname

Conversatietafel online

  • 2 academische uren (1,5 uur / een keer per maand)

  • Groepen 7-12 personen


Why learn Russian?

  • The Russian language ranks 6th in the world in terms of the number of speakers (after English, Chinese, Hindi, Spanish and Arabic); in terms of prevalence – 8th place (after Chinese, Spanish, English, Arabic, Hindi, Bengali and Portuguese).
  • In terms of use on the Internet, Russian is in second place. It is one of the most translated languages ​​in the world. Among the languages ​​into which most books are translated, Russian is in 7th place. Among the languages ​​from which they are most often translated, Russian is in 4th place.
  • Russian is the official or working language in a number of international organizations: the UN and some of its subsidiaries, SCO, OSCE, CIS, EurAsEC, CSTO, etc. Now Russian is spoken by 146 million citizens of the Russian Federation and another 127 million abroad. Russian is great prose, wonderful poetry and just a beautiful and interesting language. We will teach you to see its beauty and lightness. Waiting for you!

Would you like to …

  • to get a new professional competence?
  • learn a new foreign culture and its language?
  • be able to communicate with people from Russia and from more than twenty countries of the world?
  • speak one of the official languages ​​of the UN, the World Bank and the International Space Station?
  • increase the benefits of your resume for future job opportunities?

Aankomende evenementen

Recente vergaderingen

Wat leer je in deze cursus…

Once a month, the meeting of the Conversation Table club is taking place on the virtual platform of the Russian House in Brussels.

This free online class are dedicated to the Russian real life topics and situations – regions, cities, sites, monuments and traditional dishes!

Russian House experts will help you to improve your level of Russian language proficiency at the classes of the conversational club.

We invite everyone who speaks Russian at the B1-C1 level to our club.

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Onze leraren –

professional philologists with diplomas from Russian universities and extensive teaching experience, incl. Russian as a foreign language. Under their guidance, you will be able to master languages ​​from the basics to the very top. The training program is built in accordance with European standards from level A1 to level C2. Based on the results of the classes, an official certificate is issued that meets European standards and is recognized by European government and business structures. ​

Onze voordelen –

  • small groups from 6 to 12 people
  • modern teaching methods of Russian universities
  • programs are designed in accordance with levels A1-C2 of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)
  • teachers – native speakers of Russian and specialists in teaching Russian as a foreign language
  • upon completion, an official diploma is issued, recognized in Belgium and in the EU
  • the possibility of obtaining an international certificate in Russian as a foreign language
  • internships at partner universities in Russia

Meningen van onze studenten

…Russisch spreken geeft je de kans om het echte Rusland te ervaren. Russisch kennen is dan een meerwaarde voor elk type beroep.


…Russische taal is een manier om “het raadsel verpakt in een mysterie in een enigma” op te lossen, zoals Churchill lang geleden zei. Rusland en zijn taal zijn inderdaad raadselachtig en Russisch leren is een fascinerende reis die de moeite waard is.


..Russisch kennen betekent toegang hebben tot de grote teksten van de Russische literatuur, evenals tot film en liederen. Onze leraar is erg enthousiast en geduldig en ze slaagt erin om een goed tempo aan te houden om de interesse van elke student te behouden!