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We present the second part of our movie club program, dedicated to short films. This selection includes movies from the Regional Film Support Foundation.


Director: Svetlana Soldatova

Cinematographers: Sergey Pashkov, Evgeny Koshlakov

Composers: Natalia Tinkova, Andrey Bryazgin

2022*25 min.

English subtitles.

Victor Abramov, the head of the Murmansk jazz club, lost his wife. This happened almost simultaneously with the loss of the “Arctic Jazz” festival. Undeterred, he took on the job of a janitor at the age of 70. This brought rhythm back into his life. Abramov decides to revive the jazz festival in Murmansk. Will Victor Abramov succeed in bringing back the grand “Arctic Jazz” festival, or will his energy be enough only for a jazz concert in a small restaurant?


Director: Alexey Kobylkov

Cinematographers: Sergey Kostromin, Alihan Tushiev

Composers: Anastasia Kvasova, Vadim Ozhgibesov

2022, 25 minutes

English subtitles

Zaur Demev graduated from the Faculty of Physics and Technology and never thought that he would connect his life with music. Moreover, he could not have imagined that he would be making musical instruments himself and teaching this art to children. “Zaur and Music” is a documentary film about the search for oneself – about how sincere desire and the pursuit of a goal truly allow changing the world and people around us.


Director: Ksenia Gasheva

Cinematographers: Sergey Klimov, Anton Fishtik, Ivan Uvarov

Composer: Gennady Shiroglazov

2022*25 min.

English subtitles.

The protagonist of the film, Anatoly Sivak, lives in a small town. He has a challenging job as a sorter at a waste processing plant. Additionally, Anatoly is a collector of toys from the Soviet era and dreams of creating his own museum.

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