Exhibitions at the Russian House

You are always welcome to visit our exhibitions at the Russian House in Brussels. Here, you can find announcements of our current and future exhibitions, as well as online tours of Russian museums and online exhibitions on our website.

Our online exhibitions

Tablet exhibition “Museum storytelling. Museum of Cosmonautics in Detail»

Storytelling is the art of presenting information in the form of vivid, usually short stories that deliver strong emotions to the audience. A museum is a collection of stories: it is stories that give context to all the big events that we tell about in our halls.
At the electronic exhibition “Museum of Cosmonautics in Detail. Storytelling on behalf of the exhibits” we show objects that, for various reasons, elude the visitor’s gaze. Often these are small things in showcases that people who are fascinated by large samples of space technology do not pay attention to, or these are exhibits from our funds, which we talk about on the website, in social networks.

Past exhibitions

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