On the occasion of Cosmonautics Day and the 90th anniversary of the birth of the first cosmonaut of the planet, Yuri Gagarin, a virtual tour took place at the Museum and Exhibition Center “Samara Cosmic” (a temporary site of the museum at the GudOK shopping center).

During the tour, viewers were introduced to models of spacecraft, samples of structural elements used in rocket construction, astronaut nutrition, and space suits. The exhibition screens inside display informative multimedia content, where you can find answers to the most interesting questions about how astronauts live on the orbital station, how they work and relax, what they eat, how they wash and train, and what experiments they conduct. An interactive presentation is given about the cosmonauts from Kuibyshev.

A separate section of the exhibition center is dedicated to the exhibition ‘SPACE – NOT TOYS!’. The legendary era of space exploration, which began with the ideas of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky and ended with the flooding of the space station ‘MIR’, is represented in the museum through the means of folklore – the Russian matryoshka.”