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225 Years
of Alexander Pushkin

On June 6, 2024 the world celebrated 225 years since the birth of Alexander Pushkin

“I don’t know what will come out of my eldest grandson. The boy is clever and eager to read books, but he does not study well, and seldom passes his lessons in order”

Pushkin’s grandmother about her grandson

6 years (1811-1817) young Pushkin spent at the Imperial Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum, where his poetic gift was first appreciated
The complete academic collection of Pushkin’s works, including drawings and letters, takes up 20 tomes.

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19 June | 19:0029 August | 17:00

Do you know A.S. Pushkin’s fairy tales?

4 July | 08:0025 August | 17:00

While freedom kindles us, my friend,
While honor calls us and we hear it,
Come: to our country let us tend
The noble promptings of the spirit.


Pushkin Monument
in Belgium

In 1999, in honor of the 200th anniversary of Alexander Pushkin, a monument to Alexander Pushkin was erected in Brussels. The monument was created by the Soviet and Russian sculptor Georgy Vartanovich Frangulyan. The square in Brussels’ historic commune of Laken, where the monument is installed, was named after the great poet. Every year, on June 6, the poet’s birthday, admirers of his talent and the public of Brussels organize a poetry festival at the foot of the monument. The Russian House in Brussels takes an active part in the commemorative events.

Pushkin’s descendants
in Belgium

A direct descendant of Alexander Pushkin and the last bearer of the Pushkin surname, the great grandson of the poet Alexander Pushkin, lives in Brussels with his wife Maria Alexandrovna Pushkina-Durnovo, who is also a direct descendant of Alexander Pushkin and Nikolai Gogol.

In 1999, Alexander and Maria founded the Pushkin International Foundation to honor the memory of their great ancestor.

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The highlights of the Pushkin anniversary celebrations in Brussels

This spring, a grand celebration of Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin’s anniversary took place at the Russian House in Brussels. In honor of the great poet’s 225th birthday, a variety of events were held, each offering unforgettable experiences to the guests.

Descendants Of Pushkin Told About Their Forefather, Russians And The Secret Of Their Strong Marriage

On April 24, the Russian House in Brussels hosted a meeting with direct descendants of the great Russian poet A.S. Pushkin. Alexander Alexandrovich and Maria Alexandrovna showed the guests photos from the family archive and told about the life of their family in Russia and Belgium.

Find out how this warm and heartfelt evening went by watching this video.

With Russian Roots: The Pushkin Family in Russia and Belgium

We continue to present the history of famous Russian families in Belgium – and this time one of the most famous families in Russia, the family of Alexander Pushkin, the greatest of Russian poets.

Laying flowers at the Pushkin monument located in Pushkin Square in the Laeken district.

In Brussels, the staff of the Russian House celebrated the 225th anniversary of the birth of the great Russian poet Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin. To mark this significant date, they laid flowers at the Pushkin monument located in Pushkin Square in the Laeken district.

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