September 30, 1833 A.S. Pushkin visited the Orenburg province. The purpose of this trip was to collect materials about Pugachev. At that time, Alexander Sergeevich decided to write both a historical essay about Pugachev and a novel from the era of the Pugachev uprising.

This is in our time: make a couple of mouse clicks and you will get more or less reliable information, but then everything was much more complicated, but also more interesting. Pushkin not only traveled through the “eastern province” to personally visit the places where the events took place, but met with local old-timers – contemporaries and eyewitnesses of the Pugachev uprising.

Orenburg Regional Museum of Fine Arts  appeals to all parents of young talents, lovers and connoisseurs of the great Russian poet and writer A.S. Pushkin to record a small video greeting in their native language with the participation of your children (6 – 18 years)dedicated to A.S. Pushkin. The theme may be:

–  How was created the drawing dedicated to A.S. Pushkin and/or illustration to his work.

–  That for me opened the story «Captain’s daughter».

–  My favorite work is by A.S. Pushkin.

Requirements for video greetings of participants:

  1. Horizontal orientation, minimum resolution 1280 720 (HD), if possible 1920 1080 (FHD).
  2. Format . avi . mp4.
  3. Duration not more than 3 minutes.
  4. Name of video file – participant name, age, country name.

5.  Video recording is welcome against the background of attractions, interesting object or nature of the inhabited area of the participant.

The organizers ask to attach a translation of the greeting into Russian (if the greeting was in another language) in Word format.

With the help of the Ministry of Cultand abroad, cultural events of the Orenburg region.

Every child, teacher, organizer, participating in the video-recording will receive a letter of thanks from the director of the Orenburg Museum of Fine Arts in electronic form.ure of the Orenburg region, a video clip will be created dedicated to celebrations of the jubilee of the great Russian poet. This video will also be broadcast at Pushkin exhibitions in museums of Russia

Deadlines for submission of video recordings from February 15 – May 1, 2024 to the e-mail of the museum marked «Video to the 225th anniversary of A. S. Pushkin».