20 02, 2024

Literary Blog: “- Are we strangers?! Strange?!” S. Knyazev

2024-02-20T12:19:46+01:00February 20th, 2024|Categories: Library, literary blog, Literary Blogs, Russian language|

On February 13 of this year, the guest of our literary salon was Stepan Knyazev and his musician friends. For those who closely follow the news of our Russian House, this name is already familiar. His magnificent works are currently on display in our exhibition hall: But as it turned out, he not only gives new life to old bicycles in a different guise but also writes beautiful poetry. So who is he, our guest? Brief Historical Background: Stepan Ivanovich Knyazev was born in the city of Omsk in 1963. He graduated from the College of Culture and Arts, [...]

13 02, 2024

Kid’s club: I am charmed by these children.

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On Saturday, February 10, a master class took place, which was announced as Samodelkin. персонаж: Нина Бенашвили, визуальные образы: Вахтанг Бахтадзе, Анатолий Сазонов Who from the older generation doesn't remember this cheerful character made up of a battery, a bolt, springs, a plug, and a screwdriver? Samodelkin first appeared as an animated character in 1957. Since then, he has become not only a cartoon hero but also appeared in books. His name has become a household word. Often, craftsmen who create masterpieces out of nothing are called Samodelkins. And here we have found such a popular craftsman [...]

13 02, 2024

Literary blog: The morning is wiser than the evening, but there is something in the evening too.

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It so happened that our morning literary salon took place on the birthday of the great Russian bard, poet, and actor Vladimir Vysotsky. Therefore, it was not surprising that we started our meeting with his works. Детям вечно досаден Их возраст и быт — И дрались мы до ссадин, До смертных обид, Но одежды латали Нам матери в срок, Мы же книги глотали, Пьянея от строк.  («Баллада о борьбе» В. Высоцкий) He was a controversial poet. His works still provoke debates: some love them, others do not understand. He was envied during his lifetime, and some predicted his soon-to-be forgotten, but [...]

8 02, 2024

Kid’s Club: And a Confetti Salute…

2024-02-08T15:24:05+01:00February 8th, 2024|Categories: Kids Club, Library, Russian language|

Dear friends, in January, our joyful celebration "Confetti" took place. Many guests came, and how else could it be? At first, all the children were divided into teams. The questions were difficult, but not for our participants. They easily found the answers. And then... Confetti cannons sparkle in gold. A star was lit in silver Reaching the top The bravest spark. Marshak Everything was correct, all the participants made a confetti cannon. For this, they needed a cardboard tube from a toilet paper roll, a balloon, shiny wrapping paper, and of course, confetti. That's when the real fun began. Especially [...]

30 01, 2024

Children’s Club: Once Upon a Time…

2024-01-30T18:01:10+01:00January 30th, 2024|Categories: Kids Club, Library, Russian House News|

Dear friends! January is coming to an end, ahead is the last winter month, and we are going to talk about... a New Year's celebration for children. For the first time after a long break, the halls of the Russian House echoed with children's voices and laughter, the patter of little feet, and the crisp clapping of hands. In the foyer in front of the concert hall, the children were greeted by the cheerful Barbary. She wanted to confuse them and asked tricky questions. But our little guests turned out to be [...]

18 01, 2024

International Competition of Young Readers “Living Classics”

2024-01-18T18:47:36+01:00January 18th, 2024|Categories: Contests&Olympiads, Kids Club, Library, Russian House News, Russian language|

Friends! Registration is underway for the International Competition of Young Readers "Living Classics." Just a reminder that we are accepting applications until January 25. Visit the website, fill out the application, choose a work from which you will read an excerpt, and get ready! The main prize is a trip to "Artek" and memorable gifts from sponsors, as well as a chance to perform at the Superfinal of the competition on Red Square! Instructions on how to use the website this.

18 01, 2024

Teen Club: Theater Show

2024-01-18T18:05:23+01:00January 18th, 2024|Categories: Kids Club, Library, Russian language|

Dear friends! The first session of our theater studio has taken place. Initially, the minimum age for young artists was planned to be 13 years old, but as it turned out, there are quite a few enthusiastic individuals of a younger age. We talked to Olga Markina, the leader of the theater studio, and she said that the main thing is the desire, and age is secondary. So, children from 10 years old are accepted into the studio. As an exception, children of a younger age may be admitted, but only after an interview with the leader. Remember, dear parents, [...]

11 01, 2024

Literary contest dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the complete liberation of Leningrad from the fascist blockade.

2024-01-11T18:35:43+01:00January 11th, 2024|Categories: Contests&Olympiads, Kids Club, Library, literary blog, Literary Blogs, Meet Russia, Russian language|

But through the cooling planet, Machines moved toward Leningrad: He is still alive. He is somewhere nearby. To Leningrad, to Leningrad! (Olga Berggolts) Dear friends, In 2024, an important historical date is celebrated in Russia — the 80th anniversary of the complete liberation of Leningrad from the fascist blockade. The M.I. Rudomino All-Russian State Library for Foreign Literature announces a contest of children's compositions and drawings dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the complete liberation of Leningrad from the fascist blockade. Submission of works is open from December 11, 2023, to January 25, 2024. Participants aged 10 to 18 are [...]

19 12, 2023

Children’s Club: Master Class on Creating a New Year Card

2023-12-19T15:17:36+01:00December 19th, 2023|Categories: Kids Club, Library|

Who didn't love looking at New Year cards in childhood? They weren't just exchanged with best wishes but kept for many years. Yulianna Pakhomova suggested that children create a unique card. The pre-New Year master class on creating New Year greeting cards gathered a real crowd! The youngest participant was only... 21 months old. And the oldest - over ... It doesn't matter. Both our regular participants and new ones joined in. In general, we had to add more tables and chairs. Well, the supplies were enough for everyone! Our guest [...]

19 12, 2023

Literary Blogs: In the Footsteps of A Hero of Our Time…

2023-12-19T12:48:34+01:00December 19th, 2023|Categories: Library, literary blog, Literary Blogs, Russian language|

On December 14th of this year, the last literary salon took place. It was dedicated to the work of Lermontov, "Hero of Our Time." There was a large turnout, and it was pleasing to note that news of the salon spread by word of mouth. We hope that newcomers enjoyed it and will become part of our friendly community. This time, the salon was not led by me, but by one of the participants. Natalia prepared for this event with full responsibility. She provided material about the poet himself, a brief analysis of the [...]

12 12, 2023

Literary Salon: Only roots, only wings, only mother’s warmth.

2023-12-12T12:57:30+01:00December 12th, 2023|Categories: Library, literary blog, Literary Blogs, Russian language|

A scattering of snapshots, ancient and dusty, Where we are young, old-fashioned, and stylish, No bellies, no wrinkles. Where blue fountains flow, Beautiful plans are drawn in a whim, Laughter splashes without reason. Sergey Khazanov. His performance on the stage of our Russian house was planned in the spring, but everything was postponed for reasons beyond our control. The anticipation was so exciting. He flew to Brussels from Switzerland by plane. We agreed to meet near the metro. I recognized him immediately: there is something about him from the Soviet intelligentsia, kind and bright. The word "intelligent" cannot [...]

5 12, 2023

Teen Club: The lady checked in to baggage…

2023-12-05T15:31:45+01:00December 5th, 2023|Categories: Kids Club, Library, Russian language|

The lady checked in to baggage A sofa, A suitcase, A satchel, A painting, A basket, A piece of cardboard, And a little dog. (S. Marshak) Olga Markina started her master class with this children's poem. She asked the participants to imagine themselves as passengers. The participants improvised. The scenes were interesting and unique. Afterwards, they discussed together: what each person saw, whether it matched what the actor wanted to show, what was left "off-screen," and what should be added. There were no random "passersby" [...]

9 11, 2023

Tales of the Late Ivan Petrovich Belkin

2023-11-09T17:22:21+01:00November 9th, 2023|Categories: Library, literary blog, Literary Blogs, Poushkin, Russian language|

"Hello, shall we work together? Apart from the stories mentioned in your letter, Ivan Petrovich left many manuscripts, some of which are in my possession, while others have been used by his housekeeper for various domestic purposes. Thus, last winter, all the windows of her wing were covered with the first part of the novel that he did not finish. The aforementioned stories were, it seems, his first attempt. They are, as Ivan Petrovich said, mostly true and were heard from different individuals. However, the names in them are almost all fictitious, created by himself, and the names of villages [...]

9 11, 2023

We invite you to become the curator of the International Competition for Young Readers “Living Classics”.

2023-11-09T11:12:02+01:00November 9th, 2023|Categories: Kids Club, Library, Russian language|

Dear school directors, teachers of Russian language and literature, heads of theater and creative studios! We invite you to become the curator of the International Competition for Young Readers “Living Classics”. Today this is the largest literary project in Belgium and in the world for Russian-speaking children. Participants must choose an excerpt from their favorite book and, having memorized it, read it aloud. The regulations on the International Competition for Young Readers can be found on the official website at the link here. Our contestants have already visited the Artek International Children's Center, performed on Red Square in Moscow, and [...]

27 10, 2023

Hurry up to take part in the international poetry competition for young reciters “Living Classics” until 31 October!

2023-10-27T12:26:53+02:00October 27th, 2023|Categories: Contests&Olympiads, Kids Club, Library|

The poetry international contest of young reciters "Living Classics" is a competitive event for reading aloud poems of the Golden and Silver Ages of Russian literature. The competition is held in Russian! To participate, you need to: Learn a poem from the Golden or Silver Ages of Russian literature (no longer than 5 minutes) Register for the competition and attach a link to a recording of your performance by 31 October Speak in person in your country or region of the Russian Federation at the Living Classics Open Day or participate online The 20 best participants from [...]

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