10 06, 2024

Virtual Journey to Russia at the Exhibition-Forum “Russia”

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On May 24, the Russian Society "Znanie" organized an online tour of the International Exhibition-Forum "Russia," held at VDNH, on the virtual platform of the Russian House in Brussels. This large-scale event brings together the achievements of all regions of the country, presenting them in 132 exhibitions. As part of the online tour, Roman Bogatyrev, Candidate of Historical Sciences and Director of the Program Department of the Russian Society "Znanie", conducted a virtual tour of the main pavilions of the exhibition. The event was specially organized for employees of Rossotrudnichestvo who are abroad and unable to visit the exhibition in [...]

4 06, 2024

Literary blogs: «If virtue cannot exist, then at least vice must be punished.» (A. Belyaev)

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This March marks the 140th anniversary of the birth of Russian and Soviet science fiction writer Alexander Belyaev. In Soviet times, Alexander Belyaev’s books were read not only by adults, but also by teenagers. Somehow it happened that he smoothly «moved» into the category of writers recommended for middle and senior school age. This is how the members of the literary salon were perceived when they were invited to turn to the work of this writer. Retreat: Our literary salons are held in a warm, friendly atmosphere with a cup of tea and delicious cookies. Join us. In fact, [...]

28 03, 2024

The presentation of Dr. Mikael Askil Guedj’s book was held at the Russian House in Brussels

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On March 22, a lecture-presentation of his new book was held at the Russian House in Brussels by Mikael Askil Gouege, MD, Head of the Ophthalmology Department of the Vernet Institute in Paris, a well-known French eye surgeon. At the same time, a video bridge was organized with the North Ossetian State Medical Academy, whose professors, students and postgraduates also took part in this interesting event. Rector of the Academy, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Oleg Remizov characterized the new book by the author Medecins malgré vous as an impressive work of an erudite physician and historian of medicine. The book [...]

13 02, 2024

Kid’s club: I am charmed by these children.

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On Saturday, February 10, a master class took place, which was announced as Samodelkin. персонаж: Нина Бенашвили, визуальные образы: Вахтанг Бахтадзе, Анатолий Сазонов Who from the older generation doesn't remember this cheerful character made up of a battery, a bolt, springs, a plug, and a screwdriver? Samodelkin first appeared as an animated character in 1957. Since then, he has become not only a cartoon hero but also appeared in books. His name has become a household word. Often, craftsmen who create masterpieces out of nothing are called Samodelkins. And here we have found such a popular craftsman [...]

21 12, 2023

Workshop on using the new Kandinsky Video neural network to generate video from text

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On December 14, the virtual platform of the Russian House in Brussels hosted a master class on using the new Kandinsky Video neural network to generate video from text. Denis Dimitrov spoke in detail about how the Kandinsky Video neural network was created, its working principle and key features, and what improvements and new features Kandinsky 3.0 has over Kandinsky 2.2. Tatiana Nikulina showed how to use Kandinsky 3.0 and Kandinsky Video neural network to generate animations and videos based on text. Approaches to multimedia content generation occupy a prominent place in modern artificial intelligence research. Thus, over [...]

23 11, 2023

Methodological events for teachers of the Russian language abroad in a distance format

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Russian Language teachers from RUDN University will conduct a series of methodological events for teachers of the Russian language abroad in the distance format "Organization of course teaching of Russian as a foreign language abroad" in the period from December 1 to December 8, 2023. Participation in methodological events will allow teachers of the Russian language abroad to improve their professional skills at any time convenient for them, having mastered all modules of the program: "Specifics of the organization of course training: short-term and intensive courses"; "Intensive methods of teaching the Russian language"; "Educational and methodological literature for course and individual [...]

23 11, 2023

Geographical dictation – 2023 was held in Belgium

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On November 19, the annual international event of the Russian Geographical Society “Geographical Dictation” took place at the Russian House in Brussels. The action was attended by students and teachers of Russian schools, compatriots living in Belgium. Before the official start of the Dictation, the dictation participants got acquainted with the photo exhibition of the Russian Geographical Society “Cultural Heritage of Russia”, located on the external stands of the Russian House. As the press service of the Russian Geographical Society previously reported, the dictation included traditional questions on geography and related sciences, as well as on the topic “Man and [...]

14 11, 2023

Become a Software Engineer with an International Bachelor’s program by NewGen University!

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Software Engineering with the NewGen University is a high-quality online training programme for Junior and Middle programmers. That program is designed with modern job market requirements. You will gain a unique set of competencies that help you become an effective software developer in an international IT company. Join NewGen University today and take the first step towards a rewarding career! Why NewGen University? Degree of Governmental University of Russia (Togliatti State University) Training Period - 4 years Language - ENGLISH 100% ONLINE Тuition fee - $990 per year (applicants can receive up to 100% study grant) Admission all year round [...]

19 09, 2023

The Creative Potential of Neural Networks

2023-09-19T16:17:32+02:00September 19th, 2023|Categories: Innovation, Science|

Today, hardly anyone remains indifferent to artificial intelligence. "The creative abilities of neural networks have tremendous potential. They are by no means competing with humans; on the contrary, they open up new possibilities for creativity and artistry. For designers, generative models have already become an essential tool for increasing efficiency and breaking free from routine," says our guest Denis Dimitrov, the Executive Director of Data Research at Sberbank's AI Future Technologies Department. Khokhloma At our request, Denis conducted a webinar titled "Russian Innovation Night: Kandinsky and GigaChat – Multimedia Neural Networks for Generating Images and Texts" at the platform [...]

22 05, 2023

HSE University

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On May 26 2023,  the National Research University Higher School of Economics (NRU HSE) held a videoconference to inform applicants from Belgium and other European countries about the study programs University and the rules for admission to study. Courage is one of the key qualities nowadays. And yet this is the word that best describes the National Research University Higher School of Economics (NRU HSE) - the top university in Russia, a powerful scientific and educational center, included in all authoritative world rankings: QS, THE, ARWU. Aspiration to conquer the scientific world has enabled HSE University to become the only [...]

11 04, 2023

Star Dictation 2023

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In 2023, the Russian House, in partnership with the IV Tsiolkovsky International Film and Space Film Festival and the TASS news agency, will hold the Star Dictation “Let's Go!” This year, the author of the text of the dictation was Anton Pervushin, a Russian writer, journalist, historian of space exploration, who created the most interesting science fiction and popular science books about space. There will be gaps in place of real names, terms or events. In a special form on the website, participants will need to mark the correct words or phrases. For those who will write dictation in [...]

2 04, 2023

Photo exhibition “Formula of Happiness Academician Lev Landau”

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The photo-documentary exhibition dedicated to the Day of Russian Science was held from February 20 to April 2, 2023. Lev Landau (for friends, simply Dau) is a brilliant Soviet theoretical physicist, Nobel Prize winner, one of the outstanding personalities of the 20th century. He was interested in everything - from the structure of the atomic nucleus to raising children. Landau left behind many achievements - these are multi-volume scientific works on physics, and hundreds of well-aimed aphorisms, and the famous theory of happiness. The exhibition featured materials from the collections of:Lyubov Rostislavovna Ryndina, Olga Igorevna Landau, Tatyana Valerievna Gende-Rote, the [...]

15 12, 2022

Russian Innovation Night. ROBBO and BUSINESSFOX presented their projects at the Russian House’s site in Brussels

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The Russian House Brussels-Europe, in collaboration with the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, presented the audience with advanced solutions in the field of education as part of the Russian Innovation Night event. "We are happy to see the Russian Innovation Night program to present the projects developed by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives who integrates youth innovative companies with startups in Russia. I find especially valuable their educational and social initiatives, two of which were presented today, on December 15, 2022: ROBBO and BUSINESSFOX," Vera Georgievna Bunina, Director of the Russian House in Brussels, commented on the event. The event was [...]

22 05, 2022

Moscow Pedagogical State University

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Speaker: Svetlana Mikhailovna Kolesnikova, Head of the Department of Russian language of the Institute of Philology of Moscow Pedagogical State University, Professor and Doctor of Philological Sciences The international activities of the Institute of Philology of the Moscow Pedagogical State University are rich and varied. It is based on numerous projects aimed at various groups of foreign students - preschool and school children, students, school and university teachers, developers of innovative educational products. Along with the traditional training of students from Europe and Asia in undergraduate and graduate programs in the direction of "Philology", the Institute of Philology [...]

22 05, 2022

Irkutsk State University

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Irkutsk State University was founded in October 1918 in the city of Irkutsk near the unique Lake Baikal. Training at the University is conducted in the full range of natural sciences, mathematics, humanities, social, pedagogical and linguistic disciplines, as well as partially in engineering disciplines. The University educational complex includes 8 academic institutes, 11 faculties, one of the largest university libraries in Russia, master's degree, postgraduate, doctoral studies and one of the largest botanical gardens in Eastern Russia. As a classical university, ISU promotes the training of specialists in various fields and carries out research and scientific-applied work aimed [...]

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