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1 12, 2023

A jazz music concert took place at the Russian House in Brussels

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On November 28, the Russian House in Brussels hosted a jazz concert Gnesin Jazz 2023 with the participation of Valery Grokhovsky, classical and jazz pianist, vice-rector of the academy, director of the Gnessin School of Music, dean of the faculty of pop music, with the participation of Vadim Tkachuk (saxophone), Laureate of international competitions, graduate of the Royal Antwerp Conservatory.The musicians performed works by Sergei Rachmaninoff and piano jazz improvisations on themes from films and Russian folk songs. The concert was organized for the 150th anniversary of the birth of the Russian composer Sergei Rachmaninov [...]

24 11, 2023

The history of the Tolstoy and Bezobrazov families was told at an evening in the Russian House

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On November 21, at the Russian House in Brussels, as part of the “With Russian Roots” program, an evening was held dedicated to the famous compatriot in Belgium, a representative of the post-revolutionary emigration - the commander of the Cavalry Guard and the Russian Imperial Guard, General Vladimir Mikhailovich Bezobrazov and his family. The evening was hosted by his granddaughter Alexandra Vladimirovna Bezobrazova and the Belgian writer and journalist Gregoire Tolstoy. They talked about the history of the noble Bezobrazov family, dating back to the 14th century, about the life path of its most famous representative - the great patriot [...]

23 11, 2023

Methodological events for teachers of the Russian language abroad in a distance format

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Russian Language teachers from RUDN University will conduct a series of methodological events for teachers of the Russian language abroad in the distance format "Organization of course teaching of Russian as a foreign language abroad" in the period from December 1 to December 8, 2023. Participation in methodological events will allow teachers of the Russian language abroad to improve their professional skills at any time convenient for them, having mastered all modules of the program: "Specifics of the organization of course training: short-term and intensive courses"; "Intensive methods of teaching the Russian language"; "Educational and methodological literature for course and individual [...]

23 11, 2023

Geographical dictation – 2023 was held in Belgium

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On November 19, the annual international event of the Russian Geographical Society “Geographical Dictation” took place at the Russian House in Brussels. The action was attended by students and teachers of Russian schools, compatriots living in Belgium. Before the official start of the Dictation, the dictation participants got acquainted with the photo exhibition of the Russian Geographical Society “Cultural Heritage of Russia”, located on the external stands of the Russian House. As the press service of the Russian Geographical Society previously reported, the dictation included traditional questions on geography and related sciences, as well as on the topic “Man and [...]

21 11, 2023

The premiere of the film “Across the river”, produced by the “Belarusfilm” studio, took place in Brussels.

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The film, directed by Andrey Khrulyov, was successfully premiered at the cinema club of the Russian House in Brussels. The film, shot in 2023 at the "Belarusfilm" studio, is set in 1925 in Western Belarus, which, after the signing of the Treaty of Brest, fell under the influence of Poland. The attempts of local residents to defend their own faith and church are brutally suppressed by Polish authorities. The film was presented to the audience by the Acting Head of the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus to the EU and NATO, Ekaterina Vladimirovna Shatokhina. She emphasized the relevance of [...]

21 11, 2023

«Russia, the coronation of the phoenix?» Paysage sonore by Dominique Kopp

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On November 10th, the Russian House in Brussels hosted a uniquely formatted event. Our guests were immersed in the ambiance of Russia through Dominique Kopp's soundscape, titled 'Russia - Coronation of the Phoenix?' In a dimly lit auditorium, attendees enjoyed a compilation of audio excerpts, music, sound bites, and recordings of speeches by key figures in Russian history. The soundscape had a profound impact on the audience, enabling them to experience the atmosphere of Russia, sense the chill of harsh winters, and relive crucial historical moments that shaped the country's destiny. After the soundscape concluded, the guests lingered for an [...]

17 11, 2023

Media accreditation for #WYF2024 has started!

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Foreign media accredited by the Russian Foreign Ministry, Russian media and bloggers can participate. Hurry up to register before January 15, 2024 by following the link: Link for media The World Youth Festival is the largest youth event in the world that will be held by the Decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Festival will host 20,000 young Russian and foreign leaders in such fields as business, media, international cooperation, culture, science, education, volunteering and charity, sports and various areas of public life. Teenagers representing children’s organizations and associations will join the Festival as well. Registration [...]

14 11, 2023

Become a Software Engineer with an International Bachelor’s program by NewGen University!

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Software Engineering with the NewGen University is a high-quality online training programme for Junior and Middle programmers. That program is designed with modern job market requirements. You will gain a unique set of competencies that help you become an effective software developer in an international IT company. Join NewGen University today and take the first step towards a rewarding career! Why NewGen University? Degree of Governmental University of Russia (Togliatti State University) Training Period - 4 years Language - ENGLISH 100% ONLINE Тuition fee - $990 per year (applicants can receive up to 100% study grant) Admission all year round [...]

14 11, 2023

The documentary film «St Basil’s Cathedral» by RT was screened in Brussels

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The RT Documentary film "Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed" was screened in Brussels as part of the project "Days of Documentary Cinema in Russian Houses." The Russian House in Brussels hosted the screening of the documentary, directed by Dmitry Khrustalev and Ekaterina Kitaytseva. The most interesting and lesser-known facts about the country's most famous cathedral sparked undeniable interest among Belgian viewers. After the screening, a discussion took place on the historical processes of the formation of Orthodoxy in Russia, famous Russian architects, and the fate of the Romanov and Rurik dynasties.

30 10, 2023

“A Nest of Gentlefolk”: The Russian House Film Club has started screening adaptations of classic literary works.

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The Russian House Film Club in Brussels held a screening of a movie based on the literary work by Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev, "A Nest of Gentlefolk” in honor of the 205th anniversary of the world-renowned writer. The film was well-received by the Belgian audience and sparked lively discussions after the screening. In the future, as part of the "Adaptations of Russian Writers' Works" program, the Russian House Film Club in Brussels plans to showcase films based on the works of A.P. Chekhov, L.N. Tolstoy, and I.A. Goncharov. Stay tuned for our announcements!

26 10, 2023

Count P. Sheremetev spoke in Brussels about his family and Sergei Rachmaninoff

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" Pyotr Cheremeteff, my father, dying in exile, called me up and said: "Petrusha, you must support Russia and, if possible, help her." With these words Count Pyotr Petrovich Cheremeteff, a French statesman and Russian public figure, began his speech at a meeting at the Russian House in Brussels on 20 October 2023. The evening was dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the birth of Sergei Rachmaninoff and, in this connection, to the history of the creation of the Paris Conservatoire Sergei Rachmaninoff , as well as the Russian Musical Society in Paris, which Pyotr Petrovich led for several decades. [...]

25 10, 2023

The International Youth Film Festival “WE” is now accepting submissions.

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Until November 24th, the International Youth Film Festival "WE" is accepting entries from authors of Russian and foreign short films created after January 1, 2022. The festival organizers, drawing from the art of cinema, its techniques, and potential, invite the young generation of the country to reflect on the lives and actions of ordinary people they want to be proud of, to become explorers of human character, and to showcase the faces of contemporaries. Participation in the film festival offers teenagers and young people the opportunity to look around and find the heroes of our time, whose lives provide inspiration [...]

18 10, 2023

Musical evening by Vadim Piankov “Invitation to travel”

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On October 6, 2023, the Russian House in Brussels hosted a musical evening “Invitation to Travel” by the Russian artist Vadim Piankov - songwriter, poet-translator, graduate of VGIK (workshop of S. Bondarchuk and I. Skobtseva 1989). His concert program “Invitation to Travel” featured works in Russian and French of his own composition, songs based on poems by Alexander Blok, poems by French poets Charles Baudelaire and Alfred de Musset and others. Vadim is a graduate of the All-Union State Institute of Cinematography named after. Gerasimov, workshop of S. F. Bondarchuk and I. K. Skobtseva, theater and film actor, author-performer, translator. [...]

18 10, 2023

Online tour of the halls of the Russian National Museum of Music

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For National Unity Day On October 17, as part of the traditional “Day of Museums” cycle of the Russian House in Brussels, an online tour of the halls of the Russian National Museum of Music “Treasures of the Museum of Music” took place. The excursion participants visited the musical past and touched the musical future. We saw with our own eyes a violin made by the great master Antonio Stradivari and the oldest organ in Russia, created in 1868. We heard the sound of the electric musical instrument theremin and the world's first polyphonic musical synthesizer. The guide spoke in [...]

18 10, 2023

For the 80th anniversary of the Battle of the Dnieper, the film “Breakthrough” was screened at the Russian House in Brussels

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The screening of the film "Breakthrough," which is the second part of the cinematic epic "The Liberation," took place at the Russian House in Brussels. The event was dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Battle of the Dnieper. The Battle of the Dnieper consisted of a series of interconnected strategic operations during the Great Patriotic War, conducted in the second half of 1943 along the banks of the Dnieper River. As a result of the four-month-long operation, the Left-Bank Ukraine was almost entirely liberated from German forces. The cinematic epic "The Liberation" is an artistic narrative about the liberation [...]

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