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2111, 2023

The premiere of the film “Across the river”, produced by the “Belarusfilm” studio, took place in Brussels.

The film, directed by Andrey Khrulyov, was successfully premiered at the cinema club of the Russian House in Brussels. The film, shot in 2023 at the "Belarusfilm" studio, is set in 1925 in Western Belarus, which, after the signing of the Treaty of Brest, fell under the influence of Poland. The attempts of local residents to defend their own [...]

1411, 2023

The documentary film «St Basil’s Cathedral» by RT was screened in Brussels

The RT Documentary film "Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed" was screened in Brussels as part of the project "Days of Documentary Cinema in Russian Houses." The Russian House in Brussels hosted the screening of the documentary, directed by Dmitry Khrustalev and Ekaterina Kitaytseva. The most interesting and lesser-known facts about the country's most famous cathedral sparked undeniable interest among [...]

3010, 2023

“A Nest of Gentlefolk”: The Russian House Film Club has started screening adaptations of classic literary works.

The Russian House Film Club in Brussels held a screening of a movie based on the literary work by Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev, "A Nest of Gentlefolk” in honor of the 205th anniversary of the world-renowned writer. The film was well-received by the Belgian audience and sparked lively discussions after the screening. In the future, as part of the "Adaptations [...]

2510, 2023

The International Youth Film Festival “WE” is now accepting submissions.

Until November 24th, the International Youth Film Festival "WE" is accepting entries from authors of Russian and foreign short films created after January 1, 2022. The festival organizers, drawing from the art of cinema, its techniques, and potential, invite the young generation of the country to reflect on the lives and actions of ordinary people they want to be [...]

1810, 2023

For the 80th anniversary of the Battle of the Dnieper, the film “Breakthrough” was screened at the Russian House in Brussels

The screening of the film "Breakthrough," which is the second part of the cinematic epic "The Liberation," took place at the Russian House in Brussels. The event was dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Battle of the Dnieper. The Battle of the Dnieper consisted of a series of interconnected strategic operations during the Great Patriotic War, conducted in [...]

2209, 2023

Adventures in Russia: The Russian House Cinema Club in Brussels screened the documentary of “Russia Beyond”

On September 21st, the Russian House Cinema Club in Brussels hosted a screening of the documentary film "Russia: 85 Adventures." This film was created by Russia Beyond, an international publishing project of the "Russian Newspaper". The authors selected eight of the most interesting adventures and combined them into one film.Adventures are a unique experience that anyone can undergo in various [...]

In tribute to Inna Churikova (1943-2023)

Inna Churikova has been loved by the public and earned critical acclaim for her range and effortless style. Churikova was designated Peoples Artist of the USSR (1991) and People’s Artist of Russia. She was awarded the Golden Mask, and also received the State Prize of Russia (1985) and the Stanislavsky Prize for her contribution to theatre and film.

We invite you to our screenings with the participation of the legendary actress:

  • VASSA (based on the play by Maxim Gorky “Vassa Zheleznova“, directed by Gleb Panfilov) – 22 February
  • SHIRLI-MYRLI (directed by Vladimir Menshov) – 28 March
  • NO PATH THROUGH FIRE (directed by Gleb Panfilov) – 11 April
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