15 03, 2023

The Russian House in Brussels screened “World Champion”

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On March 14, 2023, the Russian House in Brussels (Belgium) hosted a screening of the film "Champion du Monde". The screening of the film took place within the framework of the "Art Unites" project of the Assembly of Eurasian Peoples, with the support of the Government of Moscow and the Charitable Foundation of Social Initiatives "Peace and Harmony". Before the start of the viewing, Elmira Muratbekovna Shcherbakova, Deputy Head of the General Secretariat of the Assembly of Eurasian Peoples, addressed the audience with a welcoming speech.Some sports victories are more than sports. They go down in history. This film is [...]

9 03, 2023

Festive evening for International Women’s Day

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Le 9 mars, une soirée festive s'est tenue à la Maison russe à Bruxelles, consacrée à la fête du printemps, de la lumière, de la vie, de l'amour et de la femme. La salle d'exposition a accueilli le vernissage de l'exposition "Hommage aux femmes" de l'artiste belge Walt d' Aquavilia. Dans ses peintures et aquarelles, une femme joue toujours le rôle principal. En tant qu'artiste symboliste, il s'inspire des civilisations anciennes et des travaux psychologiques de Z. Freud et K. Jung. Une attention particulière des invités a été attirée par les peintures représentant les héroïnes des œuvres classiques des écrivains [...]

3 03, 2023

Literary evening “Simenon and Russia” was held at the Russian House in Brussels

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On March 3, the literary evening "Simenon and Russia" was held at the Russian House in Brussels, dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the birth of the great writer. Jean-Louis Etienne, a native of the Belgian Liege, like Simenon, a literary critic with 30 years of experience, spoke about the creative path of the famous master of detectives. And also about the phenomenal and constant success of his work in Russia. In the exhibition hall you can see an exhibition dedicated to the work of Georges Simenon, which is open to the public until the end of March. [...]

28 02, 2023

The exhibition «Age of Light» has completed its work at the Russian House in Brussels

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From January 27 to February 28, the Russian House in Brussels presented a joint exhibition project of the artist - Alexandra  Samarova and the photographer - Ekaterina Troshina, which contained two parts: The Path of Light and People of Light. Alexandra and Ekaterina explore the theme of inner light through photographs, paintings, drawings, and costumes. The 18th century heralded the Age of Enlightenment. The time when mind and reason shone through lives, being the guiding light to cognition and knowledge about human beings, within and beyond. The enlightenment of the XXIst century, in turn, requires tuning of hearts, through which [...]

28 02, 2023

The International Young Readers’ Competition «Living Classic»

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The International Young Readers' Competition «Living Classic» is a competitive event for reading aloud passages from the prose works of Russian writers. Link Interesting facts! Belgium The Competition takes place for the sixth time. In 2023, 40 applications were submitted from 8 Russian schools, literary and theatrical studios. Three stages of the competition: school, regional (per three regions) and national, to be held on 25.03.2023 at the Russian House in Brussels. Facebook

28 02, 2023

In memory of the great actress: «Vassa» directed by Gleb Panfilov was shown in Brussels

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On February 22, 2023, the cinema club of the Russian House in Brussels hosted a screening of the film "Vassa" as part of a retrospective of films in memory of the great actress Inna Tchurikova. The film was created by director Gleb Panfilov and is a classic of Soviet cinema. Inna Tchurikova in the role of Vassa Zheleznova showed all her talent and skill, which captivate the audience to this day. The evening was filled with emotions and impressions from watching this magnificent film, as well as communicating with other connoisseurs of the art of cinema. The retrospective will continue [...]

17 02, 2023

Literary Evening: Dominique Fernandez and his “Soviet Time Novel, Undiscovered Continent”.

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L'AUTEUR : Le 17 février 2023, une Soirée littéraire s'est tenue à la Maison russe à Bruxelles avec la participation de Dominique Fernandez, membre de l'Académie française, auteur de nombreux livres d’une oeuvre considérable par sa qualité et sa prolixité (une centaine de livres parus) qui lui a valu notamment le prix Médicis en 1974 pour Porporino ou les mystères de Naples, le prix Goncourt en 1982 pour Dans la main de l’Ange, le prix Charles-Oumont de la Fondation de France en 1986 pour L’Amour, le prix Prince Pierre de Monaco pour l’ensemble de son oeuvre en 1986, le prix [...]

15 02, 2023

The Children’s Cinema Club of the Russian House in Brussels showed “The Tale of Tsar Saltan”

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February 15, 2023 in Brussels, activities continued within the framework of the project “From Russia with Warmth”. This time the cinema club of the Russian House in Brussels presented to the guests the classics of Russian cinema - the film "The Tale of Tsar Saltan" based on the work of the same name by A.S. Pushkin. The tale of Tsar Saltan, his son Tsar Gvidon and the beautiful Princess Swan was shot by a wonderful director, a well-known master of children's cinema Alexander Ptushko. After the show, according to tradition, the guests were able to taste Russian treats: gingerbread, sweets, [...]

8 02, 2023

The screening of Mark Zakharov’s film “The Very Same Munchausen” was held in the cinema club of the Russian House in Brussels

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On February 7, the movie club of the Russian House in Brussels hosted a screening of the film "The Same Munchausen". The event was held as part of a retrospective of Mark Zakharov's films. Mark Zakharov (1933-2019) - a legend of the Russian theater and cinema, People's Artist of the USSR (1991), director and screenwriter. Zakharov worked extensively and successfully in film and television, in particular, filmed a number of plays by Yevgeny Schwartz and Grigory Gorin in the genre of a fantastic parable. The leading roles in the legendary film were played by the stars of Russian cinema Oleg [...]

8 02, 2023

On Museum Day, the Battle of Stalingrad Museum-Reserve presented its virtual tour.

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On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the end of the Battle of Stalingrad, a tour of Mamaev Kurgan was held on the virtual site of the Russian House in Brussels. It was held by Ivan Khomitsevich, head of the excursion and educational department of the State Historical and Memorial Museum-Reserve "Battle of Stalingrad". The fighting here lasted more than 130 out of 200 days of the famous battle, Mamaev Kurgan became one of its epicenters. The audience had the opportunity to “walk” through all the sculptural compositions of the Memorial Complex “To the Heroes of the Battle of [...]

6 02, 2023

The anniversary of the lifting of the blockade of Leningrad was celebrated in Belgium

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The Russian House in Brussels and the People's Artist of Russia SVETLANA KRYUCHKOVA prepared for an important date the literary and musical composition "Leningraders, my children!" Dedicated to the courage and heroism of Leningraders during the days of the fascist blockade of 1941-1944. On January 27, 1944 as the result of Leningrad-Novgorod strategy offensive operation were defeated the Nazi armies near Leningrad and the 900 days blockade of the city was completely reversed. The blockade of Leningrad lasted from September 8, 1941 to January 27, 1944. During this period 107 000 aerial bombs were dropped at the northern [...]

27 01, 2023

Day of Russian Students and Tatyana’s Day celebrated in Belgium

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On January 27, the Russian House in Brussels prepared a rich program for the Day of Russian Students. Vera Bunina, Director of the Russian House in Brussels, opened the evening with a welcoming speech and a brief excursion into the history of celebrating Student's Day in Russia: Tatyana's Day is a favorite student holiday. On January 25, Russia celebrates the Day of Russian Students (Tatiana's Day), which traces its history and traditions back to the 18th century. On this day in 1755 (the day of the martyr Saint Tatiana), Empress Elizaveta Petrovna signed the decree “On the Establishment of Moscow [...]

26 01, 2023

Cinema Club of the Russian House in Brussels prepared a New Year’s surprise for their young friends

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On January 25, within the framework of the project "From Russia with Warmth", the cinema club of the Russian House in Brussels presented the program "Our Favorite New Year's Cartoons". Young viewers were able to see the adventures of Umka the bear cub, Santa Claus, the Gray Wolf, the Snow Queen and other heroes of classic Russian cartoons. Also, those present were offered traditional Russian treats: gingerbread, sweets and, of course, hot tea. The evening passed cheerfully, in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

20 01, 2023

The photo exhibition of the winners of the VI International Photo Contest “Russian Civilization” has completed its work in the Russian House in Brussels

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The project brings together professionals and amateurs of photography and is held annually. The purpose of the photo contest is to harmonize interethnic relations and the ethno-cultural development of the peoples of Russia by drawing the attention of citizens to the origins and traditions of Russian culture. The organizer of the photo competition is the Federal Agency for Ethnic Affairs (FADN of Russia). Both professional photographers and amateurs aged 18 and over, regardless of gender, place of residence and occupation, can submit their works to the competition. The competition is held in the following nominations: Unique nature. Landscape photographs showing [...]

19 01, 2023

A new project of the Russian House in Brussels “Museum Day” has started

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On January 19, 2023, State Historical Museum became the first participant of the «Museum Day» project, launched by the Russian house in Brussels. The online meeting was opened by Vera Bunina, Head of the Russian house in Brussels, and Ekaterina Klyukova, Deputy Head for Education and Visitor Experience of the State Historical Museum. Both expressed the hope of strengthening the relations between the two countries via such projects – not only in the field of culture, but in the other areas as well. The main attraction of the event was the virtual excursion of the Historical Museum. Deputy Head of [...]

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