23 05, 2024

Exhibition “Pushkin’s Сharacters in the Graphics of Nikolai Predein”

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Exhibition "Heroes of A.S. Pushkin's Works in the Graphics of Artist Nikolai Predein" To the 225th anniversary of A.S. Pushkin and the 220th anniversary of M.I. Glinka To the International Day of the Russian Language From the collections of the Pushkin Reserve and the collection of N.P. Predein Nikolai Predein — sculptor, graphic artist, poet — was born in the Trans-Urals. In 1986, he graduated from the Sverdlovsk Evening Art School. Since 1997, N.P. Predein has been a member of the Union of Artists of Russia. The artist is actively involved in exhibitions. His works are in public and private [...]

23 05, 2024

With Russian Roots: The Pushkin Family in Russia and Belgium

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We continue to present the history of famous Russian families in Belgium - and this time one of the most famous families in Russia, the family of Alexander Pushkin, the greatest of Russian poets. His direct descendants - the poet's great-grandson and the last bearer of the Pushkin family name Alexander Alexandrovich Pushkin and his wife Maria Alexandrovna Pushkin-Durnovo, who is also a direct descendant of Nikolai Gogol, now live in the quiet metropolitan municipality of Uccle. Those gathered at the evening in the Russian House heard a unique story of Alexander Alexandrovich and Maria Alexandrovna about their great ancestor [...]

15 05, 2024

Concert “Pushkin and Glinka: two geniuses – one era”

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225th anniversary of A.S. Pushkin 220th anniversary of M.I. Glinka The International Day of the Russian Language Free Registration June 2024 is symbolic not only for Russian but also for world culture. In this month, with a difference of five years, two great individuals were born, who largely determined its further development: Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka and Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin. Two Russian geniuses, who laid the foundations of Russian literature and music on the national traditions of folklore, history, and the character of the Russian people, were contemporaries, creating in the golden age of [...]

25 04, 2024

Art exhibition by our compatriots “Slavic kaleidoscope”

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To the day of Slavic writing and culture To the 225th birthday anniversary of the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin The Russian House in Brussels invites you to the exhibition “Slavic kaleidoscope” from the 23th of May till the 9th of June. That will extend the series of compatriots exhibitions “Art kaleidoscope”. Vernissage of the exhibition on May 22 Free Registration The exhibition is timed to the state holidays of Russia: “Slavic writing and culture” and to the 225th anniversary of the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. These holidays are widely celebrated in [...]

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