12 04, 2024

NIKOLAI TSIKARIDZE: Presentation of the book – autobiography “MY THEATER”

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Presentation of the book - autobiography "MY THEATER" On April 27 in the Russian House in Brussels will be held a creative evening of Nikolai Tsikaridze. Free Registration Nikolai Tsiskaridze is a bright, charismatic personality, whose erudition, independence and sharpness of judgment turn every statement into an event. The autobiography "My Theater" was written based on his personal diaries. It is a lively, full of subtle irony, humor, and sometimes sadness story about himself, about time and ballet. Memories: childhood, family, Tbilisi and Moscow, studies at a choreographic school, the collapse of the USSR, the secession of Georgia; an [...]

9 04, 2024

International humanitarian event called the Star Dictation ‘Let’s Go!’

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On the 90th anniversary of Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin For Cosmonautics Day Rossotrudnichestvo traditionally hosts an international humanitarian event called the Star Dictation ‘Let’s Go!’. The first Star Dictation was held on April 12, 2021 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the first human spaceflight. Space enthusiasts from Russia, Argentina, Armenia, Belarus, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Malaysia, Portugal attended the event, more than 17,000 people from 45 countries. On the 90th anniversary of Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin, the first Earth’s cosmonaut, Rossotrudnichestvo invites once again both Russians and foreigners with an interest in space to test their knowledge. In 2024, [...]

8 04, 2024

Exhibition “OUR GAGARIN”

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«OUR GAGARIN» To the Day of Cosmonautics To the 90th anniversary of the birth of the first cosmonaut of the planet Yuri Gagarin DEDICATED TO THE FIRST HUMAN SPACE FLIGHT Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin was the first man in the history of humanity who, on the board of the Soviet spacecraft “Vostok”, made a flight to space. Gagarin's flight lasted 108 minutes. One minute before the start the first cosmonaut hummed "Letite, golubi, letite" (Fly, Doves, Fly). Several seconds later Soviet rocket engineer and spacecraft designer Sergei Pavlovich Korolev said “LIFT-OFF!” and Gagarin uttered his famous phrase “Poekhali” (“Let’s go!”). “Cedar” [...]

2 04, 2024

Vadim Piankov interprets Jacques Brel

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Free Registration On the 95th anniversary of the Belgian French-speaking poet, bard, actor and director Jacques Brel. Presentation of the new album of the Russian actor, singer Vadim Piankov "BREL 2024" in Russian and French languages. This year marks the 95th anniversary of the birth of Jacques Brel, a French-speaking singer-songwriter of Flemish origin who left a significant trace in the history of French song of the twentieth century. For this memorable date, Vadim Piankov has recorded his new album of songs by the Great Jacques, which is brought to your attention by André Tomson and his publishing house Editions [...]

29 02, 2024

Photo exhibition “RePETITion”

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Bakhrushinsky Theater Museum To the 100th anniversary of Roland Petit's birth. Roland Petit is a legendary figure. And not only in the world of ballet. Petit's work was admired in the world's major theaters and in Hollywood, where he staged dances for Fred Astaire. He was friends with Rudolf Nureyev, knew Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo, worked with Mikhail Baryshnikov and Maya Plisetskaya. Even during his lifetime Petit became a modern classicist. His ballets are danced on the world's most diverse stages. He is quoted, his performances are studied... Petit from his youth was surrounded by [...]

29 02, 2024

Concert of classical music by soloists of the St. Petersburg House of Music in Brussels

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"Embassy of Musical Mastery" To the 180th anniversary of N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov, to the 185th anniversary of M. Musorgsky Audience 6+ Free Registration On 19 March the Russian House in Brussels and the St Petersburg House of Music invite you to a chamber concert of classical music from the series "Embassy of Mastery" with the participation of young and talented Russian musicians, laureates of numerous international competitions: MARK YAKOVLEV (flute) FILIPP SOZDATELEV (clarinet) EKATERINA DVORETCKAIA (harp) ALEXANDER KASHPURIN (piano) Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov is a world-famous composer, the [...]

21 02, 2024

“Razgulyay the Maslenitsa». Culinary workshop: Russian pancakes and not only …

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The Great Orthodox Lent is preceded by a week of festivities, during which pancakes are in the spotlight. On the last day of the celebrations, a giant doll is burned. This is Maslenitsa, a pagan festival celebrating the end of winter in March. This counterpart to the Western Carnival offers the opportunity to enjoy the snow one last time, in sleighs and in great snowball fights. The last week during which dairy products may be consumed, it owes its etymology to Orthodox liturgy, from "maslo", butter. Free Registration On March 14, 2024, the Maison Russe [...]

20 02, 2024

Museum Day. Virtual excursion ” Fyodor Schechtel – Moscow architect”

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To the 165th anniversary of the creator of Russian Art Nouveau in architecture Fyodor Shekhtel. Shchusev Museum of Architecture, Moscow      Free Registration Shchusev Museum of Architecture, Moscow      Speaker: Director – Chief Curator of the Melnikov Museum Anna Kistanova.                        Fyodor Schechtel (1859-1926) is one of the most famous architects whose name is associated with Moscow Art Nouveau. He left a vivid mark on the architectural appearance of Moscow, largely due to the fact that he always tried to take into account how his buildings would combine with the surrounding buildings and be perceived from different vantage points. At the lecture [...]

14 02, 2024

“The Seasons” by P. Tchaikovsky. Concert

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For International Women's Day P.I. Tchaikovsky "Seasons" Timur Sergeenya, piano March 8, the holiday of spring and love, is already an established good tradition to which we want to give a new sound - the sound of Russian classics. Free Registration On March 6, in the Russian House in Brussels, "The Seasons" by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky will be performed by an outstanding musician, professor of piano at the Luca School of Arts (Leuven) - Timur Sergeyenia. This music is familiar from childhood, and still it seems impossible to look at these [...]

24 01, 2024

Meeting: “Gastrodiplomacy – a trend of modern public diplomacy” and culinary workshops

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Language: Russian/French Gastrodiplomacy is a promising and developing sector of public and social diplomacy, intended to develop a favorable image of the country and a “national brand”. In addition to building contacts between countries and peoples, this may contribute to increasing exports of local products, promoting domestic restaurant businesses, tourism services, and organizing various gastronomic events in the international market. Gastronomic “tools” have long played an important role in political and business negotiations. Free Registration Leonid Gelibterman, President of the International Enogastronomic Center, member of the Presidium of the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) expert council [...]

10 01, 2024

Museum Day. Online excursion round the exhibition “Memory!” of the Russian Museum

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To the 80th anniversary of the complete liberation of Leningrad from the fascist blockade. Free Registration On January 30 at 17:00 the virtual platform of the Russian House in Brussels will host an online tour of the exhibition "Memory!" in the Russian Museum (St. Petersburg). Valentina Gorlova, the Head of the Excursion and Lecture Department of the Russian Museum, will conduct the tour. The technologies of panoramic photography will enable viewers to explore the museum’s rooms where the most significant works of Soviet art, as well as works by contemporary authors dedicated to the Great Patriotic War - a [...]

9 01, 2024

Online New Year’s concert of the St. Petersburg Capella Symphony Orchestra

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On Old New Year's Eve, the Capella Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Ivan Stolbov presents the public with a wonderful festive concert. The plot of the elegantly composed program will be a fascinating journey through countries and continents. Accompanied by the music of Antonio Vivaldi, Jacques Offenbach, Johann Strauss the son, and Gershwin, the audience will plunge into the unforgettable atmosphere of Venice, Vienna, Paris, New York, and will return to the pre-holiday atmosphere of St. Petersburg with pleasure.

21 12, 2023

St.Tatiana Students’ Day with Gnesin Academy of Music

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Free Registration One of the favorite Russian winter traditions is the celebration of Tatiana’s Day, or Students Day, which take place on 25th of January.  This tradition was established back in centuries: that day in 1755 Empress Elizabeth of Russia signed a decree for establishment of the Moscow State University, the first University in Russia. For many generations of Russians this day is a true symbol youth and happy student’s life. 25th of January 2024 we invite you to celebrate the Students Day with the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music and its alumni - two fantastic Moscow musicians , [...]

14 12, 2023

The “Old New Year” with the Folk Music Ensemble “Zolotoj plyos”

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On January 12, 2024 the Russian House in Brussels, according to tradition, invites you to celebrate the "Old New Year". Old New Year came into our culture together with the old style of chronology. Tsarist Russia lived by the Julian calendar, while Europe lived by the Gregorian calendar. The transition to the Western European calendar took place on February 14, 1918. An unusual holiday appeared - the Old New Year, that is, the New Year according to the old style, which was not forgotten by the people. However, the Old New Year was celebrated not on such a large scale [...]

5 12, 2023

Art Exhibition by our compatriots “The Christmas Kaleidoscope”

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Vernissage 21 December, 18:30 From December 22 to January 31, the Russian House in Brussels will host an exhibition of artistic and applied arts of Russian-speaking compatriots. "Christmas Kaleidoscope" is a traditional exhibition of professional and non-professional artists, creative people - representatives of the Russian-speaking community of Belgium, organized and held at the Russian House in Brussels. The works of our compatriots are made in different genres of fine and applied art: painting, graphics, photography, sculpture, ceramics, patchwork, embroidery. They are filled with warmth and sincerity, joy of creativity. The exhibition, which is taking place during the Christmas holidays will [...]

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