In honor of Cosmonautics Day, the documentary film “How I Became a Cosmonaut” by RT was shown at the Russian House cinema club in Brussels. This is the story of an ordinary office manager who decided to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a cosmonaut. On April 11, guests of the Russian House watched his adventures on Earth and in orbit, noting the high level of filming and the gripping storyline of the film.

On April 12, Cosmonautics Day, the audience was in for a surprise. The Russian House cinema club in Brussels hosted the premiere screening of director Klim Shipenko’s film “Challenge” – the first feature film shot in space. The plot revolves around a doctor who is forced to prepare for a space flight in a month and go to the ISS to perform a lung operation to save the life of a cosmonaut. The film evoked strong emotions from the audience. The audience, holding their breath, admired the beauty of Earth and space along with the heroine Yulia Peresild, and tensely followed the realistically detailed surgical operation. The film was shown in Russian with English subtitles.