Our May literary salon was dedicated to the work of Mikhail Bulgakov. World fame came to this writer, strangely enough, after his death when his novel “The Master and Margarita” was published. Mikhail was born on May 15, 1981, but he never celebrated his birthday exactly on May 15. On which day did Bulgakov celebrate his birthday:

  1. May 14
  2. May 16
  3. Did not celebrate at all

Despite starting his literary career very early, Bulgakov trained in the epistolary genre in high school but dreamed of becoming a doctor because “it is a necessary and profitable profession.” He was even a practicing surgeon and venereologist for some time but decided to leave medicine in 1920 to pursue literature.

In 1925, the novel “The White Guard” was published, and he was offered to write a play based on it so it could be staged at the Moscow Art Theatre. What is the name of this play:

  1. Ivan Vasilievich
  2. Flight
  3. The Days of the Turbins

The play was criticized. The White Army was not shown in a caricatured way but with a certain feeling of compassion. Moreover, it was popular with the public. For example, Mayakovsky said that the play could not be banned but could be booed. Bulgakov collected newspaper and magazine clippings with criticism of himself.

In which of his works does the main character, like the author, “collect” critical articles about himself:

  1. The Master and Margarita
  2. Heart of a Dog
  3. The Fatal Eggs

In 1934, Bulgakov wrote a humorous play about time travelers. The plot uses the achievements of scientific and technical progress. In 1973, Leonid Gaidai made a comedy based on this play, changing the time of events. Which comedy is it about:

  1. Dangerous for Life
  2. Ivan Vasilievich Changes Profession
  3. Sportloto-82

Bulgakov was married three times. The first time he married Tatyana Lappa, the second time to Lyubov Belozerskaya, and the third and last time to Elena Nurenberg. His first wife, Tatyana, played a huge role in his life. She did not let him die from morphine, nursed him after typhus, and helped him through the first hungry year in Moscow. Bulgakov himself said upon parting that God would punish him for her.

Bulgakov met his second wife, Lyubov, after she returned from abroad. She translated some of his works into French. The first chapters of the future novel, now known as “The Master and Margarita,” were written under her dictation. She was the one who suggested introducing the main heroine.

Bulgakov wrote about his third wife, Elena: “Gods, my gods! What did this woman want?! What did this woman want in whose eyes there was always some incomprehensible spark, what did this slightly cross-eyed witch who adorned herself with mimosa that spring want?”

Who of the three wives became the prototype of Margarita:

  1. Tatyana Lappa
  2. Lyubov Belozerskaya
  3. Elena Nurenberg

In his famous novel about a professor who managed to make a man out of a dog through a heart transplant, Bulgakov describes one of his relatives. Who became the prototype of Professor Preobrazhensky:

  1. Uncle on his mother’s side
  2. Uncle on his father’s side
  3. The writer’s grandfather

In our library, you can find books by Mikhail Bulgakov. The next literary salon will take place on 27.06.2024 at 10:30 and will be dedicated to the work of Vasily Shukshin. Books are available.