21 12, 2023

Workshop on using the new Kandinsky Video neural network to generate video from text

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On December 14, the virtual platform of the Russian House in Brussels hosted a master class on using the new Kandinsky Video neural network to generate video from text. Denis Dimitrov spoke in detail about how the Kandinsky Video neural network was created, its working principle and key features, and what improvements and new features Kandinsky 3.0 has over Kandinsky 2.2. Tatiana Nikulina showed how to use Kandinsky 3.0 and Kandinsky Video neural network to generate animations and videos based on text. Approaches to multimedia content generation occupy a prominent place in modern artificial intelligence research. Thus, over [...]

21 11, 2023

«Russia, the coronation of the phoenix?» Paysage sonore by Dominique Kopp

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On November 10th, the Russian House in Brussels hosted a uniquely formatted event. Our guests were immersed in the ambiance of Russia through Dominique Kopp's soundscape, titled 'Russia - Coronation of the Phoenix?' In a dimly lit auditorium, attendees enjoyed a compilation of audio excerpts, music, sound bites, and recordings of speeches by key figures in Russian history. The soundscape had a profound impact on the audience, enabling them to experience the atmosphere of Russia, sense the chill of harsh winters, and relive crucial historical moments that shaped the country's destiny. After the soundscape concluded, the guests lingered for an [...]

14 11, 2023

Become a Software Engineer with an International Bachelor’s program by NewGen University!

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Software Engineering with the NewGen University is a high-quality online training programme for Junior and Middle programmers. That program is designed with modern job market requirements. You will gain a unique set of competencies that help you become an effective software developer in an international IT company. Join NewGen University today and take the first step towards a rewarding career! Why NewGen University? Degree of Governmental University of Russia (Togliatti State University) Training Period - 4 years Language - ENGLISH 100% ONLINE Тuition fee - $990 per year (applicants can receive up to 100% study grant) Admission all year round [...]

27 09, 2023

First Workshop on working with the Kandinsky neural network

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On September 12, the first Workshop: “Kandinsky: image generation” was held at the virtual platform of the Russian House in Brussels. Denis Dimitrov, executive director for data research, Sber AI, scientific consultant at the AIRI Institute of Artificial Intelligence, presented a new version of the Kandinsky 2.2 neural network and how to work with it. According to the developers, using the generative model, you can create high-resolution photorealistic images and change the aspect ratio during generation. Tatyana Nikulina, industrial engineer, spoke in detail about how to find an approach, a common language with a neural network, how to correctly come [...]

19 09, 2023

The Creative Potential of Neural Networks

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Today, hardly anyone remains indifferent to artificial intelligence. "The creative abilities of neural networks have tremendous potential. They are by no means competing with humans; on the contrary, they open up new possibilities for creativity and artistry. For designers, generative models have already become an essential tool for increasing efficiency and breaking free from routine," says our guest Denis Dimitrov, the Executive Director of Data Research at Sberbank's AI Future Technologies Department. Khokhloma At our request, Denis conducted a webinar titled "Russian Innovation Night: Kandinsky and GigaChat – Multimedia Neural Networks for Generating Images and Texts" at the platform [...]

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