24 03, 2024

Maslenitsa was celebrated in Belgium

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On March 14, 2024, the Russian House in Brussels hosted a culinary workshop " Razgulyay the Maslenitsa " on pancake making. Tatiana Hachimi presented this popular treat in the spirit of Fusion Food, using a wide range of flavors from the four corners of the globe. In fact, pancakes are a universal recipe that can be found in China, Morocco, Brittany and Russia, not forgetting Liège and its famous bouquet. The event was held in a cozy atmosphere where each participant could ask questions and get answers. Each participant could try [...]

27 09, 2023

First Workshop on working with the Kandinsky neural network

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On September 12, the first Workshop: “Kandinsky: image generation” was held at the virtual platform of the Russian House in Brussels. Denis Dimitrov, executive director for data research, Sber AI, scientific consultant at the AIRI Institute of Artificial Intelligence, presented a new version of the Kandinsky 2.2 neural network and how to work with it. According to the developers, using the generative model, you can create high-resolution photorealistic images and change the aspect ratio during generation. Tatyana Nikulina, industrial engineer, spoke in detail about how to find an approach, a common language with a neural network, how to correctly come [...]

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