On Saturday, February 10, a master class took place, which was announced as Samodelkin.

персонаж: Нина Бенашвили, визуальные образы: Вахтанг Бахтадзе, Анатолий Сазонов

Who from the older generation doesn’t remember this cheerful character made up of a battery, a bolt, springs, a plug, and a screwdriver?

Samodelkin first appeared as an animated character in 1957. Since then, he has become not only a cartoon hero but also appeared in books.

His name has become a household word. Often, craftsmen who create masterpieces out of nothing are called Samodelkins.

And here we have found such a popular craftsman – Stepan Knyazev. When you look at the masterpieces that have come out from under his tools, you would never guess that these are parts from bicycles. Our children are lucky: Stepan agreed to conduct a master class.

The group was diverse in age. The youngest participant of the master class was seven years old, while the oldest was thirteen. Some were already familiar with handling a screwdriver, others held one for the first time. And the third group was learning to use a hand drill.

The lesson began with imagination. Stepan showed the children a bicycle brake lever and suggested they use their imagination. What does the lever resemble? The most ordinary lever turned out to resemble a dog, a giraffe, or the tail of a panther. Quite intriguing.

Children themselves chose what they would like to create from the available materials: a cup, a rocket, a dog. Everyone had fun and was interested.

Let’s listen to what Stepan said at the end of the class.

Just a reminder that the next master class will take place on March 2nd. Children will be preparing a gift for their mothers. Registration is already open.