To the 165th anniversary of the creator of Russian Art Nouveau in architecture Fyodor Shekhtel.

On March 21, the online lecture “Fyodor Shekhtel – Moscow architect” was held on the virtual platform of the Russian House in Brussels in cooperation with the A. Shchusev Museum of Architecture (Moscow)

The speaker, Anna Kistanova, Director and Chief Curator of the Melnikov Museum, told about Fyodor Shechtel (1859-1926) – one of the most famous architects whose name is associated with Moscow Art Nouveau. He left a bright mark on the architectural appearance of Moscow, largely due to the fact that he always tried to take into account how his buildings would combine with the surrounding buildings and be perceived from different points of view. The lecture covered the most important biographical milestones in the architect’s life and work, his architectural principles, and the master’s works in three different style eras.