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For Cosmonautics Day

“How I Became a Cosmonaut”

Authors: Pavel Baydikov, Lydia Vasilevskaya

2023* 75 min.

In English

This is the story of an office manager who decided to become a cosmonaut. It took Konstantin Borisov 7 years to get closer to this goal. First, he became a candidate, and then he went through a rigorous selection process and joined the cosmonaut corps. But that was just the beginning. Kostya had to learn everything – even basic everyday needs had to be met according to strict regulations. He prepared to conduct experiments in space – from growing algae to studying changes in human internal organs. And he felt firsthand how weightlessness changes a person. In every sense. After 5 years, he heard the coveted words: “You’re flying”! But everything could change at any moment and for any reason. Did Kostya manage to fulfill his dream?

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