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For Belgium’s National Day
The project introduces viewers to the history of Peter the Great’s journey to Europe in 1716-1717.

This second trip is less known than the “great embassy” of 1687-98, which influenced the formation of the personality of the future first Russian emperor and the cardinal directions of his policy. And this is understandable: Peter’s second visit was, as it would be called today, a “working visit.” But it was then that many vectors of Russia’s interaction with the leading countries of the Old Continent were determined.
This video project tells about that part of the path of the Russian sovereign, which ran through the lands of modern Belgium. Peter was the first and only Russian ruler who devoted his time to this most important region of Western Europe for such a long time and in detail. His stay in the Belgian cities left a deep mark in their history and in the public mind, linking the image of the tsar with the new Russia – a power country, a partner country. The videos also tell about the undertakings that became the practical result of the Belgian part of Peter’s trip – Russian-European cooperation in the field of art, architecture, balneology, etc.
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