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What links united Georges Simenon, sacred monster of French literature, to Russia? Why is it so popular in Russia, until today?

On the occasion of the 120th anniversary of the birth of the author, Jean-Louis Etienne, from Liège like Simenon, a specialist in popular literature for 30 years, comes back to the career of Georges Simenon to reveal to us his many links with Russia: from meetings during his childhood till his fascination for the great Russian authors without forgetting the phenomenal and undeniable success of his work in Russia.

All this brings us to a question: would Georges Simenon have been the same author without his links with Russia?

On March 3 at the Brussels-Europe Russian House, join us for this evening!

Moderator: Tatiana Hachimi, Belgian journalist

Languages: French|Russian


The “With Russian Roots” Club Project

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