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The art of the turn of the XIX-XX centuries left a bright trace in the history of Europe and Russia.

The Art Nouveau era encompassed the entire human environment – from architecture to perfume bottles. Architects of this time began to actively use the innovations of building materials and engineering discoveries, while combining clear geometry with elegant decorative elements.

Despite the fact that only 130 years have passed, the archives of many architects have not survived. Taking advantage of modern opportunities, the curators of the project decided to call on the help of artificial intelligence. So, Lev Kekushev, Fyodor Shechtel and Pavel Suzor were chosen as the main heroes of Russian Art Nouveau.

You will see what we got at the exhibition “When Art Nouveau meets AI: From Brussels to Moscow via St. Petersburg”

Inspired by the architects…

Victor Horta
Lev Kekushev
Fyodor Schechtel
Pavel Suzor

In cooperation with



Expo Curator


Kistanova Anna

Director – Chief Curator of the Melnikov Museum

Expo Curator

Shchusev Museum of Architecture, Moscow

Denis Dimitrov

Executive Director for Data Research

and his Team

Sberbank, Moscow

We are very grateful to

and the AI Art Generator

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