On September 15, 2023, the New Season 2023-24 was opened at the Russian House in Brussels with a piano concert by the soloist of the symphony orchestra of the State Academic Chapel of St. Petersburg, Ilya Chirskov, dedicated to the northern capital of Russia, the city of St. Petersburg.

The concert program featured works by Russian composers Igor Stravinsky and Mikhail Glinka, as well as foreign classics: John-Baptiste Loye, Frederic Chopin, Franz Liszt, Johann Strauss.

The pianist captivated the Brussels audience with his virtuoso playing.

At the end of the concert, the General Director of the State Academic Chapel of St. Petersburg, Olga Khomova, presented the exhibition “History of St. Petersburg through the prism of the oldest musical cultural institution.”

Olga Khomova:

“Dear friends, it is a great honor for us to open the season today at the Russian House in Brussels, in the very center of Brussels. We are very glad that our soloist of the St. Petersburg choir was able to please the audience by performing beautiful Russian and Western European music and a little medley of Soviet-era songs. Thank you for the warm welcome from the public. It is so important to be with you now.

And, of course, we brought an exhibition telling about the history of the chapel, in which, through the prism of the musical chapel, the entire history of St. Petersburg music is shown. And, of course, photographs of St. Petersburg, these photographs will remain with you, as a piece of our music and the joy of communicating with a wonderful audience, with friends in the Russian House, with our colleagues. And we are together, we are close and we have one Russian musical soul…”

The exhibition will be on display at the external stands of the Russian House in Brussels until the end of October 2023.