On January 26, Victory Museum will host the conference “80th anniversary of the Leningrad siege ending”.

“The unconquered Leningrad became one of the most outstanding symbols of the firmness and courage of the Soviet people during the Great Patriotic War. The 872 days of the blockade have affected the lives of millions of people. The hardships of the blockade days have left a deep mark on the history of families, institutions, streets and houses of the Northern capital. Everyone should know the truth about these events,” the Victory Museum noted.

The participants of the scientific conference will be the largest historians, researchers, specialists in various fields. Historians will present new declassified materials about the blockade, tell about the work of organizations, the daily life of Leningraders, reveal little-known details of the encirclement breakthrough, the actions of the Army and Navy. Attendee will learn about the feat of soldiers, sailors, workers, scientists, ordinary residents – all who were in the besieged city and defended Leningrad in truly inhuman conditions, about the rescue of evacuated people and enterprises.

Due to the online broadcast, the conference will be joined by member museums of the Association of Historical and Military Historical Museums, which unites more than 150 museums in Russia, participants of the International project “Victory Territory”, which includes more than 250 museums, patriotic organizations and educational centers, as well as more than 20 Russian houses abroad, including the Republic of Belarus, Egypt, India, Spain, China, Morocco. The representatives of the Russian Houses abroad prepared reports on the search for citizens of besieged Leningrad in the countries of the former USSR and will share the details of cooperation with them. For example, the report “Children of besieged Leningrad in Armenia, the results of the search work and private stories” will be presented at the meeting.

The conference will be broadcast on the official website of Victory Museum and on the Victory Museum`s VK page, on the website of the Russian House in Brussels.

Time: 09.00