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Dear members of the literary salon, readers, and poetry enthusiasts. Another meeting of the literary salon is just around the corner. This time our guest will be Stepan Knyazev.

You are all undoubtedly familiar with his work: toy cars, steam engines, clocks, and other steampunk-style creations have made you stop by our fellow countrymen’s exhibition stand.

Remembered, didn’t you? But besides everything else, Stepan is also a professional writer and writes poetry.

The pendulum of ebb and flow,

of darkness and light,

slowly immerses us

into winter – into summer.

Is it because of the rhythmic music

and breath,

the dance, the ancient mantras, the chatter of birds,

the incantations?

The heart will stand still

without an answer

and sway in the sultry night

into winter – into summer.

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