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Dear readers of literature!

We invite you to our literary salon-cafe!

Literary salons take their origins in the past, when people gathered in a certain circle to discuss a fashion author, to talk about trends and trends in literature, to meet each other and celebrities, to eat, to taste champagne… Anyway, have a good time.

The idea of creating our literary salon-cafe: to gather not just literary lovers, but to sit for a cup of tea with a cake, discussing your favorite book heroes, authors, and maybe to present your creativity. Why not? Who knows what talents lie within us.

The first meeting will be dedicated to knowledge: who we are, what books we read, what authors we enjoy. We shall choose together the name of the café-salon. Let’s agree on what we’re going to read for the next session.

The first meeting will take place on 23.03 at 10.30. Don’t forget to be in good spirits!

In Russian.

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