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If you go fishing, be prepared to catch the fish of your dreams, a magical Pike that can grant any three of your wishes. But Emelya wasted two of his wishes and decided to save the third one.

Therefore, to win the hand of the tsar’s daughter Anfisa, he will have to act without magical powers, on his own. Helping him will be the Pike, who without her skin, appears as an ordinary girl named Vasilisa.

Together, they will have to find a magic tablecloth, meet the Cat Bayun, venture into the dark kingdom of Koschei, and understand that the real miracle is being with the one you love.

Based on one of the most beloved Russian fairy tales

“По щучьему велению”/“Wish of the Fairy Fish”

Director: Alexander Voytinsky

Starring: Nikita Kologrivyy, Mila Ershova, Alina Alexeeva, Yuri Kolokolnikov, Roman Madyanov, Fyodor Lavrov,Agrippina Steklova


115 min. / 01:55

OV, French subtitles.

Not a movie, but a fairy tale!

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