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Explore the treasures of Russia with RTD’s Documentaries about Russia. Learn about its nature, cities, its peoples and their centuries-old traditions. Accompanying you on this journey are RTD’s travel journalists whose task is to take trips as adventurous and as reckless as Russia’s capacious boundaries can encompass.

All movies are in English.

Kaliningrad region

James Brown heads to Russia’s western exclave of Kaliningrad, where he discovers its modern and Prussian heritage. He first attends a bartending contest; there the event’s host introduces him to different cocktails before the two head outside to explore the city’s artistic heritage. Later, James heads to a maritime museum and goes scuba diving before visiting a war memorial outside the city, as well as the ruins of a fort and a modern horse farm. Then he tours an amber museum and goes sailing before hitting the beach, where he looks for the amber that the region is famous for.

Republic of Mordovia

Welcome to Saransk, the capital of the republic of Mordovia. Its major town Saransk has a reputation of Russia’s athletic capital. People here enjoy skiing, biathlon, BMX bikes and all sorts of other activities, but Mordovia is not only famous by its sportsmen. The Mordovins are also amazing artists. Famous sculptor Stepan Erzia is known as the “Russian Rodin.” His work is still on display in the local museum. And you don’t even have to buy tickets! Watch James Brown’s new adventures.

Altay Region

A few hundred kilometres of travel brings James Brown to a whole other world, the beautiful Altay region. For centuries the mountains were home to hermits and shamans, but today many come here to feel the spiritual energy that Altay is known for.

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