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The Battle of the Dnieper was a series of interconnected strategic operations during the Great Patriotic War (World War II) conducted by the Red Army in the second half of 1943 along the banks of the Dnieper River. Both sides involved up to 4 million people in the battle, and its front stretched for 750 kilometers. As a result of this four-month operation, the Left Bank of Ukraine was nearly completely liberated from German forces by the Red Army. During the operation, significant Red Army forces crossed the river, established several strategic bridgeheads on the right bank of the river, and also liberated the city of Kiev. The Battle of the Dnieper became one of the largest battles in world history.

The Breakthrough

dedicated to the Battle of the Dnieper is the second part of  a film series Liberation  released in 1970-1971, directed by Yuri Ozerov .

The films are a dramatized account of the liberation of the Soviet Union’s territory and the subsequent defeat of Nazi Germany, focusing on five major Eastern Front campaigns: the Battle of Kursk, the Lower Dnieper OffensiveOperation Bagration, the Vistula–Oder Offensive, and the Battle of Berlin.

Source: Wikipedia.org

Film II: The Breakthrough

Director: Yuri Ozerov

Screenplay: Yuri Bondarev,Oscar Kurganov, Yuri Ozerov

Starring: Nikolay Olyalin, Larisa GolubkinaBoris Seidenberg

1969* 85 min

French subtitles

After the Allied landing in Sicily, Mussolini is arrested on the King’s orders. In Warsaw, the Polish Resistance bombs a German cinema. Mussolini is rescued by Otto Skorzeny and his commandos. The Red Army reaches the Dnieper. Lukin’s regiment crosses it, presumably as the division’s vanguard; unbeknownst to them, they are merely a ploy to mislead the enemy. The regiment is cut off without reinforcements and wiped out. Lukin is killed. Tzvetaev leads the survivors back to their lines. On Stalin’s orders, the Soviet High Command plans its offensive on Kiev, stealthily redeploying their forces. The city is liberated. The Allied leaders meet in Tehran.

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