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Beauty fades, and you never have time to explain how much you love it. Beauty cannot be held, and in that lies the only sorrow of the world. But what sorrow? You cannot hold onto this slipping, melting beauty with any prayers, with any incantations, just as you cannot hold onto a fading rainbow or a falling star.” (“King, Queen, Knave” by V. Nabokov)

Dear friends, on April 10th (22nd), Vladimir Nabokov’s 125th birthday will be celebrated.

Nabokov’s name is among the classics of world literature. For many, the works of this writer are associated with the globally renowned scandalous provocation novel “Lolita.” However, this is just one of many of his works.

We will discuss his novels, rich in emotions, metaphors, and events, sometimes permeated with a purely Russian line of nostalgia, or with typical Western European or American pragmatism.

Our literary salon invites all lovers of this writer’s creativity, which is so ambiguously perceived both among readers and among fellow writers.

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