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79th Anniversary of the Victory of the Soviet People in the Great Patriotic War of 1941–1945


The exhibition features over 40 photographs from the TASS Photochronicle archive, depicting various aspects of life in our country during the war years. It showcases the arduous work of soldiers on the front lines, rare moments of rest for fighters, the activities of the Great Patriotic War partisans, and the truly combative spirit with which the home front worked for Victory. Finally, it portrays the joy with which Victory Day itself was celebrated in our country.

The exhibition presents works by renowned war photographers from TASS: Nikolai Sitnikov, Georgy Lipskerov, Mikhail Trakhman, Emmanuil Yevzerikhin, Naum Granovsky, and Boris Utkin.

Each photograph is accompanied by lines of poetry and songs from the wartime period. The authors include Anna Akhmatova and Vasily Lebedev-Kumach, Konstantin Simonov and Yulia Drunina, Alexander Tvardovsky and Mikhail Isakovsky, Olga Berggolts, Alexander Romm, Vladimir Kharitonov, and others.

Some of the photographs also capture the authors of the verses themselves. Here we see Konstantin Simonov reading new poems to soldiers on the front lines, and Alexander Tvardovsky with his wartime comrade Vasily Glotov, from whom the artist Orest Vereisky painted the most popular image of Vasily Terkin.

Language: Russian, English

Photo exhibition prepared by TASS

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