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On the occasion of the 79th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War

The Victory Museum presents a new artistic project “Vernissage of the Victory Museum.” The cycle opens with the exhibition “Dialogue of Generations,” showcasing various aspects of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945: battle scenes, the hard labor of women, the suffering of prisoners of concentration camps, the tears of orphaned children, rare moments of joy, the siege routine, and the triumph of Victory, post-war life with sadness in the heart.

Works on the subject of the Great Patriotic War appeared as early as 1941 and are still being created to this day. Most of such works impress with artistic mastery, and their emotional message is understandable even to those who know very little about the war. Many artists whose works are presented in the project fought on the front lines and reflected their personal impressions on canvas. Alongside recognized domestic artists, the exhibition includes works by young authors who are just entering the world of fine art.

The exhibition project represents a dialogue between the younger and older generations, between memory and modernity. Narrating the exploits of the past, filtering through the membrane of memory, artists in their pictorial works reflect the fundamental theme of the Great Patriotic War – heroism, self-sacrifice, love for the Motherland. Spirituality as a dominant finds its expressive embodiment in the presented paintings. All works belong to different styles and genres, but are united by one eternal theme, genuine sincerity, and high artistic mastery.

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