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Dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Lecture by Dr. Mikael Askil Guedj, mentor and eye surgeon, Head of the Ophthalmology Department at the Institut Vernes in Paris, followed by the presentation and signing of his latest book (éditions Grasset, 2023).

In this brilliant book, the author offers us the keys to our bodies and our health:

–  How was Sergei Rachmaninov’s depression cured by hypnosis?

–  What’s the difference between a virus, a bacterium and a fungus?

–  How was it discovered that Lyme disease is transmitted by ticks?

–  What is Bekhterev’s disease (or ankylosing spondylitis)?

–  Why is it so dangerous to eat home-canned food?

–  What is cancer, diabetes or manic delirium? Are fibromyalgia or hyperactivity new diseases?

A captivating literary and scientific object, this book paints a portrait of the illnesses of the century, based on the list of the most frequently searched-for ailments on the Internet worldwide. Illnesses that we fear, that intrigue us… but that we often know little about.

Languages: French, Russian

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