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What happened today, then? Did that running river to the sea inspire these strange thoughts in her? With what vague premonition was she watching it! Where did she want to sail? Why did she need an Australian dingo dog? What did she need it for? Or is it just her childhood slipping away from her? Who knows when it slips away! (“Wild Dog Dingo, or the Story of First Love” by Ruvim Fraerman)

Dear readers!

We continue the theme of first love. In our previous session, we discussed Ivan Turgenev’s work “Asya.” This time, we will delve into the Soviet period and talk about the wonderful and kind novel by Ruvim Fraerman, “Wild Dog Dingo, or the Story of First Love.”

A beautiful, kind, and somewhat naive story of first love, so bright and pure, yet not devoid of hurt and disappointments.

The theme of first love has always attracted the attention of both classic and contemporary writers.

Think back to that period: it’s both sweet and bitter at the same time. Joy and sorrow, the excitement of thoughts, the troubled mind in the sweet agony of turmoil… (Goethe)

Visit our literary salon to discuss this theme, recall other works by different authors, remember your own story, and engage in conversation over a cup of tea or coffee with good people.

In Russian.

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