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On January 12, 2024 the Russian House in Brussels, according to tradition, invites you to celebrate the “Old New Year”.

Old New Year came into our culture together with the old style of chronology. Tsarist Russia lived by the Julian calendar, while Europe lived by the Gregorian calendar. The transition to the Western European calendar took place on February 14, 1918.

An unusual holiday appeared – the Old New Year, that is, the New Year according to the old style, which was not forgotten by the people. However, the Old New Year was celebrated not on such a large scale as the night from December 31 to January 1, but in the circle of family and the closest people.

There are such family traditions, which through generations are preserved and observed by family members, these traditions include the meeting of the New Year on the old, Julian calendar. In Russia, great attention is paid to family values, which is why 2024 has been declared the Year of the Family.

The folk music ensemble “ZOLOTOJ PLYOS” presents a program of its best and new songs and instrumental pieces.

The program includes songs from different regions of Russia, dance songs, Cossack songs, round dances, and instrumental arrangements of popular songs. Our ensemble will present to your attention more than 30 musical instruments, including unique, ancient musical instruments and instruments made by masters in a single copy. We will also perform ancient songs in the traditions and dialects of their regions.


– Chatushki of the center of Russia

– Gypsies – dance song of the Saratov region.

– Korobeiniki – instrumental arrangement of a popular Russian folk song

– Beyond the Urals – a cappella song of the Ural Cossacks

– Under the wide window – Irkutsk region.

– Instrumental piece based on 2 songs from the Saratov region.

– Oh, you, Dunyushka – round dance song of the Belgorod region.

– Instrumental arrangement of popular songs Barynya and Kalinka

– A ya babotchka-neriakha – a dance song of the Belgorod region.

– Gusachok – instrumental version of the popular Belarusian folk song

Folk Music Ensemble “Zolotoj plyos”

was founded in 1994 in the city of Saratov, Russia.  Its members are Alexander Solovov, Elena Sadina, and Sergei Grachev.  All three members of the group graduated from the Saratov State Conservatory and are professional musicians.

Elena and Sergei also graduated from the The “Jef Denyn” Royal Carillon School in Mechelen, Belgium, the Antwerp Conservatory and the University of Leuven.  They have won prizes at All-Russian and international folk instrument competitions and at the First All-Russian bell competition.  While students in Russia the musicians collected old Russian traditional and folk songs as well as bell music in rural villages and towns.

The group’s repertoire includes traditional songs and instrumental pieces from various parts of Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, and other areas, and also features Gypsy music, Russian popular music, and Jewish music.  The members of the ensemble play more than thirty Russian traditional instruments, including the bayan, chromatic and diatonic accordions, the balalaika, domra, guitar, zhaleika, clarinet, saxophone, various percussion instruments, and Russian bells.

The ensemble has performed in countries such as Russia, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Portugal, Switzerland, Canada and the USA.  “Zolotoj Plyos” has been frequently invited to perform on radio and television shows in Russia, Belgium, and Holland.

At the present time the musicians of “Zolotoj Plyos” live and work in Belgium.

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