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The festive evening will open with a vernissage of a collective exhibition of paintings and drawings by contemporary Russian artists “The Art of Russia in Benelux”, including original works by famous Russian artist Nikаs Safronov

It’s a first exhibition of Nikas Safronov paintings in Belgium

More information about exhibition of paintings and drawings by contemporary Russian artists “The Art of Russia in Benelux” is here

And after Belgian musicians Bertrand Lavrenov  (violin) and

Kephren Baiwir (piano) will present you their special program:

Rachmaninoff – Romance op.6 n°1 & Hungarian Dance op.6 n°2

Shostakovich – 4 Preludes op.34 n°10, n°15, n°16, n°24

Elgar – Salut d’amour « Liebesgruss » (Love Greeting) op.12

Prokofiev – Romeo & Juliet – Dance of the Knights

Rachmaninoff – Romance in a minor

Kroll – Banjo & fiddle

Baiwir – Arioso

Kreisler – Miniature Viennese March

P.I. Tchaikovsky – Sentimental Waltz op.51 n°6

Wieniawski – Romance sans paroles et rondo élégant op.9

Bertrand Lavrenov – Belgian violinist

For several years now, as a professional violinist and organizer of international musical projects,

Bertrand Lavrenov has devoted himself entirely to promoting, playing and teaching music.

Winner and finalist of national and international competitions, Bertrand, the youngest of five siblings,

grew up in a family of professional musicians where music was part of his life from an early age. It is

therefore naturally that he began to learn the violin intensively at the age of eight. At only twelve years

old, he went on tour with the string orchestra “La Vraie Note” (created by his father) and at fifteen he

entered as “Young Talent” the class of Mr. Aroutiounian at the “Royal Conservatory of Music of Liege”.

He obtained there with Distinction, in 2015, his “Master Diploma” in violin specialization and the

following year (in the class of Mr. Koch) his “Master Diploma” in teaching.

Since these years, his musical career has allowed him to rub shoulders with internationally renowned

musicians in Europe, Asia and Africa. The experience of these meetings allows him today to have a

critical vision of music in a global context.

Bertrand had the opportunity to perform on many stages; Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands,

Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Bulgaria, Madagascar and China both as a soloist and in various formations.

His repertoire ranges from music for solo violin to symphonic works, including chamber music and


As an organizer of international artistic exchange projects, Bertrand has worked on the development

of numerous events. In August 2016, he participated in the organization of a “masterclass” in the city

of Xi’an in China and, in July 2017, he was the organizer of the “2nd International Music Stage” in

Belgium. In 2018, he was the organizer of the “Ysaÿe International Music Competition” and the “3rd

International Music Stage” which took place in Liège. In 2019, he organized his fourth music course in

Gao Tai in China and during the summer of 2021 he created with his friend and colleague Kephren

Baiwir: “Appassionata International Music Competition & Festival for Amateurs”. In addition, for

several years he has been president of the association “Lavrenov Music Society” which aims to

promote music worlwide.

These projects have allowed Bertrand to work with more than four hundred professional and non[1]professional musicians. His responsibilities in the development of these events were diverse. Bertrand

attaches great importance to artistic and cultural exchanges because he is convinced that they allow

the individuals who participate in them to flourish.

Since September 2022, Bertrand is also the Godfather of the ” Nosy-Be Symphonies” festival in

Madagascar for which he brings musical and logistic support.

Kephren BAIWIR – Pianist

Born in a family of musicians (father: pianist and composer, mother: violinist), Kephren Baiwir started showing interest for music very early and started playing the piano at the age of 5.

At 14 y.o., he was auditioned by the famous pianist Johan Schmidt who took him under his aegis. He entered the Master’s class at the Conservatory of Mons at the age of 17 then followed him to the Conservatory of Brussels where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree.

He then finished a Master’s degree in the piano department of the Royal Conservatory of Liège with  Rachmaninoff’s second piano concerto.

Besides, he perfected his jazz skills with the Belgian pianist Hervé Noirot, leading him to play with various groups and ensembles. (duo, chamber music, choirs, jazz ensembles).

As a young prodigy, Kephren was invited to perform at summer festivals in Belgium, France and China (Jiang Yin, Shanghai).

In 2012, he played Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart for the first time, both as a pianist and actor, in the show “Mozart: a life, a music, a genius”, accompanied by a chamber orchestra.

Afterwards, he created the concert-show “A chaque vie, son destin…” (string quintet, piano, saxophone, vocals, jazz, video projections) which highlights famous personalities with extraordinary destinies combining original musical arrangements.

In 2021, Kephren joined forces with violinist Bertrand Lavrenov to create “Appassionata – International Music Competition for Amateurs.”

Recently, he was appointed musical director of the musical “SPAMALOT” created for the first time in Wallonia at “Le Moderne” Theater in Liège and performed keyboards for 20 sold out performances.

These various activities as a performer and arranger have led him today to broaden his field of work towards artistic direction and production of musical arrangements for choir, orchestra and various formations, in styles ranging from classical to pop, from musical to jazz or even to film’s music.

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