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Land with extreme geography and tormented history. Old Empire, several times collapsed. Each time raised. A first in world history. Russia does not resign itself to a certain order of the world. With the large reserves of hydrocarbons sleeping under the midnight sun, it has a trump card to chart its own course. Like the phoenix, Russia now seems to be reborn from its frozen ashes. «Russia, the coronation of the phoenix?»  thus compose a drifting navigation between these extremes to try to explore the wake of a journey back from hell, but tirelessly raising the anchor, provided that some inaccessible star still shines from the sacred fire of dreams or an imperial splendor…

Boarding for a sound crossing of this Russian real. A real excess, traversed by ambivalence, life, death, beauty, horror, whiteness and darkness, pushed to their ultimate limits. Entrenchments, in which perhaps lie some secrets of this astonishing Russian endurance. This painful brotherhood of summits and abysses…

In Russian and French

Paysage sonore (59′) supported by the Fonds d’Aide à la création Radiophonique 2020 (FACR) and the Atelier de Création Sonore (ACSR) in Brussels.

Production Across Stickos.

Broadcast RTBF La Première Ouïe Dire (26/06/2023),

Radio Panik (09/05/2023) and

Radio Campus Brussels (24/04/2023)

Writer-film director Dominique Kopp uses her pen and microphone to explore geographical and human horizons that open the door to dreams, poetry and thought.

Passionate about volcanoes, the polar regions and geopolitics, she has devoted numerous articles to them, as well as a short film about her trip to Antarctica, “Par-delà les banquises”, made with the support of the International Polar Foundation and SCAM.

She also collected sounds from the trip and produced her first sound piece, Vers la forteresse blanche (Towards the White Fortress), for the programme Ouïe Dire (RTBF).

Today, she is pursuing her sound landscape into the realms of geopoetics, at the crossroads of the undercurrents that irrigate our reality.

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