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The Russian House in Brussels invites all those who speak Russian and know how to write, as well as those who are still learning this language, to participate in the international educational initiative “The Total Dictation”.

Participants write from dictation a text by a famous Russian writer specially created for Total Dictation. This year, the text of the writer Vasily Avchenko will be proposed, which relates to the famous traveler and explorer of the Far East, the writer Vladimir Klavdievich Arseniev.

The objective of the project is to show that it is fashionable to write correctly, but also to give an opportunity to contemporary Russian writers to get closer to the public, to present names that are not yet well known to the general audience. Abroad, the action becomes a meeting place for those who love the Russian language and are interested in Russian literature.

The event will take place online.

Register, it will be interesting!

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